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Tyrannosaurus Rex- Grassland

  Spinosaurus- Coniferous Forest

   Styracosaurus- Deciduous Floor

     Iguanodon- Deciduous Floor

   Giant Tortoise- Tundra

   Velociraptor- Coniferous Forest

  Ankylosaurus- Savannah

  Triceratops- Savannah

   Deinosuchus- Aquatic

  Apatosaurus- Deciduous Floor

  Caudiptery- Tropical Rainforest

  Allosaurus- Tropical Rainforest

   Coelophysis- Tropical Rainforest

  Herrerasaurus- Tropical Rainforest

   Plesiosaurus- Aquatic

  Stegosaurus- Coniferous Forest

   Kentrosaurus- Coniferous Forest

  Camptosaurus- Coniferous Forest

   Woolly Mammoth- Tundra

Saber-toothed Cat- Tundra 

Woolly Rhinoceros- Tundra

  Lambeosaurus- Coniferous Forest

  •   Macrauchenia- Grassland
  • Giant Ground Sloth- Grassland
  • Gallimimus- Coniferous Forest
  •   Plateosaurus
  • Loch Ness Monster  

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