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Players take the role of James Bond, as he pursues drug smuggler Sanchez in order to extract revenge for the murder of Felix Leiter's wife. The game takes place over a series of six levels, each one with a different objective. The game was released on several platforms, including the PC. A NES version was under development at one time, but it was cancelled after Domark, the publisher, decided that the development had been delayed for a long enough period that the game was no longer relevant.

Level Descriptions

Scene 1 - Part 1

Bond and Felix take to the skies in their helicopter and take out Sanchez's jeep. As they are doing this they must contend with unrelenting anti-aircraft fire, by either dodging the bullets are shooting down the guns themselves. Taking down the weapons requires precision flying, as there are several buildings in Cray City to avoid. The player must navigate to the end of the level without taking too much damage in order to progress.

Scene 1 - Part 2

Bond infiltrates an enemy base on foot - making use of cover and conserving his scarce ammo as he goes. Oil barrels are littered throughout the level, and shooting these will eliminate any henchmen that are close by. Once again, the primary objective is just to reach the end of the level without being shot too many times.

Scene 1 - Part 3

Felix flies a helicopter with Bond dangling from a rope beneath it. The player must position Bond over Sanchez's evasive aircraft before time expires in order to progress. If Bond runs out of time, then a life is lost and the mission can be replayed.

Scene 2 - Part 1

007 must survive a set period of time while swimming through the ocean. Bond has to avoid being ran over by boats (instant death), and being shot by gunmen in the vehicles. This can be achieved by diving underwater, but Bond can only hold his breath for so long before being forced to resurface. There are several henchmen swimming through this level, which Bond can take down in order to steal their weapons and take out boats, although this is an optional extra for players looking to achieve a high score.

Scene 2 - Part 2

James must chase down and harpoon a seaplane's pontoons as he water-skis barefoot behind. Once the player gains control of the plane, Bond escapes and progresses onto the final level.

Scene 3 - Part 1

In this final mission, Bond must take down several tankers before finally reaching and destroying Sanchez's 18-wheeler. The player must avoid stinger missiles and destroy all vehicles in order to complete the game. Upon completion of the game, the levels loop round, but the difficulty increases.

PC System Requirements

  • Processor: 386
  • Operating System: MS-DOS or PC-DOS 2.0 or Higher

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