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Serviceable Action Driver; Bond brand helps it stand out a little

More of a driving game than an on-foot action game, it does both servicably, but neither stands out.  The Bond Moment function of showing you highlights of yourself when you do something particularly stylish is a nice addition and is in keeping with the tongue-in-cheek style of the franchise.
I also give them credit for creating new James Bond adventures for the games, rather than simply walking you through the plot of a movie you've already seen.

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    In Night Fire you play as James Bond and there's twelve amazing mission's and you meet different people you go in different city's and I think its the second best james bond game i was surprised why gamespot gave a 7.9. Because the multiplayer is fun also. I know its not a perfect game even know the frame rates gets a little weird sometimes and the image gets weird but those are small errors you cant barrely see.In This game the graphics are not the best but its still impressive as it looks its ...

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    I got this for Christmas once, and since I was a fan of some earlier 007 games, I thought it'd be just as enjoyable. But that's like saying, "I like The Beatles. So maybe this hobo on a street corner drunkenly belting out 'Hey Jude' will be just as good!" I can't remember a damn thing about this game, except the first mission where you drive a sports car through the most linear Paris streets imaginable. Then there's some stuff about a castle and some satellites or something, who knows. GoldenEye...

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