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20 Games To Play With your Mates is and Xbox Live Indie Game developed and published by IndieSkies, released on March 20 2012 for 80 Microsoft Points. A collection of 20 different mini-games which you can play with 1-4 players competitively and 2-4 players cooperatively. You can only play multiplayer locally, as the game contains no online functionality.

The Games

Column Head
Acid Escape:
A free for all with you and up to three other players. Attempt to reach the highest altitude by utilizing the falling blocks, also avoid the slowly rising pool of acid. Use the left stick to move and press the A button to jump. You can also jump off from the side of cubes as well as travel from right to left by passing the borders on each side.
Drift Pixel:
A free for all with you and up to three players where you're tasked to do laps around a set course. You use the left stick to maneuver and the A button to boost. You increase your boost bar by drifting around corners.
Mutant Space Worm:
A one versus all frantic fight with three players in space ships attacking the fourth player who is a giant space worm. The three players in space ships can only move laterally using the left stick and collect power ups when they take out segments of the space worms or of the randomly generated mushrooms. You can shoot with the A button and use special powers with the B button. The space worm can grow more segments if it eats mushrooms by rapidly tapping the A button. The Space Worm can also control any other smaller segments that detach from it.
Dungeon Diamonds:
A team based game with a minimum of two players required. Two teams compete to pick up and capture diamonds and place them on their respective bases. You use the left stick to float around the stage, the A button to grab objects, and the B button to smash enemies and diamonds.
Forever Wars:
A game of up to four players where you cooperatively destroy pirate ships made up of varying geometric shapes. You use the left stick to move about the plane and the right stick to shoot at enemies. You also have the the ability to employ bombs by using the right trigger.
A game for only two players where each compete as sumos in an attempt to push the other out of the sumo circle. You use both the left and right stick to pull and push your opponent; the camera is strategically placed in a birds eye view.
Astro Pods:
Four players compete to try and land their space ships on one of four landing pads on the "moon". Gain points by landing successfully, extra points for landing on the smaller pads You have a total of three lives and a fuel bar that depletes as you use the thrusters on your space pod. You use the left stick to rotate your space pod and the A button to enable the thrusters.
Risky Rotor Maneuver:
A free for all of up to four players where you fly your helicopters in an attempt to fly the farthest. The farther you go the more difficult the course becomes. You use the A button to ascend and release it to descend.
Pixel Rider:
Another free for all game where you and three other players are tasked to maneuver your pixel across a board. As you traverse the stage you leave a trail which can kill you or the other players. The objective is to outlast the opposition by avoiding the pixel trail as well as the borders of the stage. You use the left stick to change directions, either to the left or the right.

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