24: Eight Days Of Awesome

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Man am I going to miss this show, I'm a huge fan of 24, as everyone on this forum with Jack Bauer avatars will already know well :). I'm also a big fan of Keifer Sutherland too, I've been keeping tabs on his career since the late 80's. As a kid I watched the likes of Lost Boys (Frog Bros ftw), Young Guns and Chicago Joe & the Showgirl, and in doing so instantly became a fan of his work. He seemed to stand out from the other young actors of the time, even in a film like Young Guns which had a strong cast of well known young actors. Kiefer has great screen presence, something I think which cannot be taught. but instead is naturally exuded from one's character. I'm a fan of his legendary fathers body of work also, and have noticed that Keifer has much of his fathers skill and poise with acting. In my eyes, Donald Sutherland has clearly passed on something great to his son. The thing is though, for those who haven't had any interest in 24, simply won't know how great an actor Kiefer Sutherland is. Kiefer fucked about way too much in his early career, his platform for greatness was severely diminished by his wayward attitude and wild lifestyle in his early 20's. He basically took a long while to settle down, and I think it had much to do with his father being one of the greatest actors of all time. That's bound to be pressure. Career aside, I like the dude as a person, he's off the cuff and seems really down to earth. and despite the problems of his past, he's still to this day very much a free spirit, as his recent trip to London last week proves very well ;) 
24 for me has provided some greatest TV moments I've ever seen, even though some seasons have been slightly weaker than others, you'll find that all seasons do have  really great episodes, one's that will live long in the memory of many fans around the world...I will miss it :(
Throughout my years watching the show, it's always been easy for me to say Jack is always right with his actions or decisions, that his moral compass is always on point in the right direction, but after the last weeks episode, for the first time ever! ~ I am questioning one huge decision. 
I have a question for fellow fans:  
Q: Is Jack right to be on that helicopter heading to the UN building, is he still right?.  Please do explain why either way. Since last weeks show I've been weighing everything up and I still cannot say one way or the other.  
Your favourite 24 episodes, seasons, characters and moments, action sequences and quotes, etc? 

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Q Is Jack right to be on that helicopter heading to the UN building, is he still right?

Jack's ALWAYS right motherfuckers!!
I love 24 too and it never really hit me that this was really the end until I read this.  *tear*
At least there are a few episodes left.
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I love 24 to death.. 
I've learned and am totally willing to accept that one of my top favorite shows of all-time is ending, but it's just so hard to fully realize that the end is almost here. There have been so many OMG! moments from Jack, like the vampire bite in S6-EP1 for example, and plenty of others which I won't spoil. Mondays, as much as I truly hate them overall, have really pretty much become my favorite night of the week as each Monday brings another hour (or sometimes two) in the life of this true badass.  
And from watching the show, I've become a pretty big fan of Kiefer Sutherland obviously, but also of Glenn Morshower, he without a doubt, is my favorite character 2nd to only Jack himself of course.  James Morrison too, Bill Buchanan was oh so good.
Just want to say what good show 24 is, will always come back and watch it. In fact, may just have a Season 1 - 8 marathon after that dvd set comes out.  
But, farewell 24, I will miss you dearly. 
P.S. Jack is always right, never question him, you know what happens when you do! ;)

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@Linkyshinks:  the good news is they're making a 24 Movie. 
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@Briguile said:
" @Linkyshinks:  the good news is they're making a 24 Movie.    http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/04/kiefer-sutherland-24-movie-script-is-done.html "
Yep, I know that, and am glad they are. Just wondering how they're going to make it work.
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@Mr_Bauer: Probably not real time, maybe a story that is kind of an epilogue dunno.
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24 is fantastico. Season 8 is great so far, I'm happy to see the show go out with a bang (at least the TV series anyway). Though I think season 5 will always be the one that has my heart

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@Briguile: Well obviously not real time, kinda easy to figure that out. 
@Kibblez: Same here, I think Season 5 will always have a place close to me, definitely not Season 6, was alright, but eh, coulda been way better.
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True, but there were certain moments in season 6 that I liked. The ending for example, I thought that was quite a hard-hitting way to end things.

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Of course Jack is right. He is always about doing the right thing. As for favorite seasons, well all of them, thought I liked 5 the most and 6 the least, though I do give 6 props for having in my opinion the best 4 opening episodes of any of the seasons, as well as that nuke incident that will always be one of the top moments ill remember from this show.

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I liked the first season a lot but that was as far as I got with the show. I sort of fell away from it early in the second season when I got tired of it.

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More like 4½-5 days of awesome.  :p
Got tired of it during the fifth season, which most think is the best, but I had much of it spoiled, as it is shown much later here in Denmark than in the US, so that ruined it for me. Anyway, I got tired of having all the regulars killed off all the time, and replaced by lesser characters. Just stopped caring, since the writers seemed to not care either.

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I'ma huge 24 fan myself though some seasons I did not like, I have a general rule any season where a black dude or woman is not president is a bad season (aka I hate logan). Anyway to answer your question I think Jack is right, my biggest gripe with the show is how Jack gets treated like shit while still saving the country a million times over, so last weeks episode angered me greatly and I was glad to see him do what he did.

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@Kibblez said:
" True, but there were certain moments in season 6 that I liked. The ending for example, I thought that was quite a hard-hitting way to end things. "
How the hell do you guys remember all the seasons plots? I'm a pretty big fan, but they all are one big blur at this point.
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Just saw this post. It's going to be sad to see the show go, but with talk of a film I'm pretty interested to see how they handle the time mechanics. I don't have a quote at hand but I do believe that the intention was to give Jack a send-off on the big screen which would be fitting considering he's basically john McClane condensed onto the small screen haha.  
As for.. "  Q: Is Jack right to be on that helicopter heading to the UN building, is he still right?.  Please do explain why either way. Since last weeks show I've been weighing everything up and I still cannot say one way or the other. " 
Of course he's right. You really think there's a chance in hell that Charles Logan is in the right here? =P

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Away with you!

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Lost was a better show anyway

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