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2.75 stars 2.75/5 Stars Average score of 4 user reviews spread across 5 releases and 0 DLC

Play it for the episodes, not the game. 0

 24: The Game does correctly all the things that a die-hard 24 fan would care about. The presentation, as far as the camera angles, multi-paned tricks, and ridiculous-yet-entertaining twists and turns are all here in full force. The cast -- with the surprising exception of Kiefer Sutherland, who sounds like he rolled out of bed for his role -- delivers a convincing performance. Finally, writer Duppy Demetrius does a decent job at (sort of) tying Seasons 2 and 3 together. Meanwhile, those who wa...

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A must play for fans of the show, but not much else... 0

24 is the game that is based the popular television show on FOX. You play the game primarily as 24's lead super agent Jack Bauer, but will sometimes get to take control of supporting characters like Tony Almeida, Chase Edmunds, Kim Bauer, or Michelle Dressler in a variety of different game types. Being a HUGE 24 fan, I had high hopes for this game, but walked away only slightly satisfied. The games lowest aspects of this game is its overall clunky feel and uninspired gameplay. The game consists...

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Awesome for 24 fans, but the "game" part doesn't really work 0

It’s kind of a stretch to call 24: The Game a “game” because that is not the reason that anyone has played it. As a piece of the 24 universe it is meant to fill in some gaps and tie up some loose threads between seasons 2 and 3 of the show, and to that end it does a respectable job. Several threads from the end of Day 2 that were either hardly addressed or not explained at all in Day 3 have lots of light shed on them. However, as a video game for the Sony PlayStation 2 game console it’s really a...

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Step into the shoes of Jack Bauer 0

Not many shows today have become runaway hits, but one that has is 24. The series is known for its somewhat realistic stories and gripping action. Featuring a diverse cast of characters and plots, the show is able to pull its audience into the world of espionage and terrorism. 24 has changed the way TV shows are looked at and now it’s moving on to a new medium. The series is trying to bring its intense story and action to the Playstation 2 in the form of 24: The Game. The game is developed by So...

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