Looks like Zelda and pixels (3d dot game heroes)

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Its not trying to hide it.  3D Dot Heroes is an homage (like Tarantino films) to games where a lone hero has to rescue the princess and save the kingdom.  I like it for that.

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@HomemadeZiggurat: It also doesn't take itself seriously. Ups for that!
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Wow i made tihs weeks ago

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@Diamond: nice review
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This game may push me to finally buying a PS3. For some reason I don't really like the visual style though. It doesn't seem retro to me, it just looks kind of like Lego.

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@Diamond said:
" Plays like it too.  Here's my review. "
That review has a very negative overtone.
I sense a Zelda fan who's unwilling to share with the rest of us. D:
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Actually I was a bit worried the review might be a bit too positive compared to how I feel about the game now.  The graphics and music are really nice in 3D DGH, but the gameplay in a lot of ways feels like a adequate Zelda 1 ROM hack.  The new features are nice, but the core designs of dungeons and overworld really didn't do it for me.
I'm also not too happy with most modern Zelda games.  I'd say some level of caution regarding the actual quality of the dungeon design is in order if you're hyped for the game.

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