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40 Winks is a Playstation exclusive game that is suited mainly for kids and adults still in touch with their inner child. 
In 40 winks you play as the characters Ruff and Tumble, siblings who think bedtime is boring and are thrilled by action. Their mother tells them a story about Winks and explains that they are creatures that sleep all day and come out at night and provide dreams to people everywhere. These Winks are the main quest purpose of this game. As the title implies, there are 40 in the game and you must quest through various levels to rescue them all whilst fighting bosses and other fantasy type creatures along the way. The reason you are searching for these creatures is because an evil character named NiteKap had difficulty sleeping and wanted to turn them into Hood-Winks. Hood-Winks are different to Winks as they are responsible for nightmares. Only 40 winks remain in the World of Dreams and Ruff and Tumble need to find them before they are turned into nightmare-bearing Hood-Winks. 
Ruff is the main hero character of this game and is brother to Tumble. 
Tumble is Ruffs sister and the femal hero character. 
Wakey Wakey: 
Wakey Wakey is Ruff and Tumbles clock which guides you through the World of Dreams to rescue these last 40 Winks. When he talks you ony hear mumbling in game and without subtitles this character woud be useless! 
The evil character. Jealous of everyone elses sleeping he decided to try and take it from them by transforming the Winks. He has his loyal sidekick threadbear who he sends to do his dirty work. 
Threadbear is a cute but evil teddy bear character sent by NiteKap to kidnap the Winks and prevent Ruff and Tumble from rescuing them.  
All levels in the game are accessed from Ruff and Tumble's house so basically acts like a hub (or lobby) for the game and is where you begin the game if you save and come back. In the levels you face many evil characters such as witches, zombies and spiders all of a cartoon-like style. The graphics are all you can expect of a 1999 PS1 release and shoudn't be a bother to kids anyway. When you begin the game you will already be informed that you must rescue winks, after collecting so many winks, various doors will unlock within Ruff and Tumble's house. Also when you negin you will find cogs which aid in completing puzzles and unlocking new areas and gates etc... You will also occasionally come across 12 keys which you put into the clock to allow you to fight the boss battles including Threadbear.  As a small little boy/girl you can't expect to beat up these bosses so easily... No. Thats why the transformable characters were added to this game and is by far it's best feature. Both Ruff and Tumble can both transform into various characters from set locations for a smal perios of time. These characters include: Cavemen/women, Monster, Ninja and a Robot. These were required for farious tasks such as sneaking past monster enemies as the monster or smashing down walls as the caveman.

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