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Not much is known about poor old Adiboo and the Energy Thieves. No Internet articles exist describing it, no previews were made of it, and, it being edutainment, no game website reviewed it. It is only clear at this point for one to make assumptions as to what this game was about.

Seeing as how the "Adiboo" line of coloring books and "fun" books were all about reading, math, and other interesting subjects, we can assume the player probably would have had to do a fair bit of those things in this game. The Adiboo line of edutainment also expanded into other interesting topics, such as music, science, and even magic! With a name like "The Energy Thieves", this game may have been about environmental issues.

Or it could have just been a catchy title for a seemingly abysmal adolescent experience, I wouldn't know.

All that is certain is that Adiboo is no more. The childrens love for him (if it ever existed) as long but evaporated now, as they move on to more colorful characters, such as Spongebob and...Drake and Josh. God I hate the 21st Century.

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