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Based on author Agatha Christie's 1936 crime novel The ABC Murders, this game follows the story of Captain Hastings and Hercule Poirot as they solve a number of strange murders.



 Poirot quizzes Hastings.
In the original book, Agatha Christie's ABC Murders tells the tale of a serial killer who is randomly, but alphabetically, murdering people. Before each murder occurs, the killer sends a post to Hercule Poirot relating the time and location of the pending crime. The killer uses the signature ABC and leaves an ABC Railway Guide at each murder scene.

This book is also notable for experimenting with various points of view. The book combines first and third person narrative. This is a literary device Agatha Christie had also visited before in her book The Man in the Brown Suit and was pioneered in Charles Dickens classic Bleak House. Unique to The ABC Murders, however, is that the third-person narrative is actually reconstructed by the first-person narrator.


 Solve the puzzle.
The ABC Murders is essentially a puzzler. Crimes have multiple solutions available and you will use your investigation journal to record clues and notes that you collect throughout the game. You'll also discover many hidden notes while playing that uncover curious facts and tidbits about Agatha Christie and her characters.
 The ABC Murders allows the player to select between two modes of play.  'Classic Story' mode allows users a chance to experience the original story as told in the 1936 novel.  While 'Free Story' offers replay value by using the same victims, witnesses, and suspects, but altering testimonies and motives resulting in a different killer.

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