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Age Of Co....(Not finished)

Well I went into Age Of Conan with a set of high hopes, this game looked to be the mmo I would be with for years to come, the World Of Warcraft killer, that one perfect game I could come back to over and over without thinking "Why am I playing this" well I was half right, the game does start off quite well, but soon declines into a rocky shit mudslide in which it can`t stop, an avalanche of bug, glitches and unfinished rushed work. Maybe it was my hype that killed it, maybe it was me believing the hype to damn much, but when I first had seen this game, wow did it look good, fighting on mounts, seiging other guild's forts and towns, taking over territory and challenging worst enemies, well it all sounds good but to bad half the features I just mentioned were only on the box of the game and not in the real product.

So I enter Hyboria thinking I would have a great time, I just washed up on shore with the new Dark Templar, the graphics had looked amazing, and I was feeling very good about the whole world, I felt apart of it.
I quickly grabbed a quest from the chained up woman and went to slay her captives, the combat was well "Ok" at best, nothing as special as they said, I swung down my sword upon them as blood flew and they dropped the key I needed to rescue the woman. So the combat didn`t really satify me but that wasn`t game breaking enough for me to quit, I had to see the rest of the world. So I went to Tortage the main city of the starting area. After you finish up there and reach level 20 I`m thinking "Great I get to see the real part of Hyboria now, the real game" and thats when the shit avalanche erupts, the quests go down hill, there all basic kill 20 wolves and bring there heads back or, rescue someone or simple fed-ex quest's. Then all that pvping I thought would be great well down right sucked, mounted combat sucked it was slow and glitchy, the world was full of soft spots and areas that needed work, other players spawn camped the living shit out of me, the game was also divided into instances so it felt as if everyone was split up and playing a single player game. Many of the features on the box were a complete lie, "Direct X 10!" is not in the game as the box says "Siege battles!" weren`t even in the game like I thought.

So all in all, this game has improved a little since I first played when it had come out, there are now seige battles but still no Direct X 10, which my box still says is in the game.
Really this game only has graphics going for it, there is no real economy, the game is boxed up into instances, the combat isn`t that great and mounted combat blows, so I would say wait and see if this game improves or just forget this game existed.

Posted by Bucketdeth

For anyone that reads this, It`s supposed to be a 2.5 rating not 5, this is a minor glitch.

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