Just got into the closed Beta

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So I just got into the Closed Beta for AoE - Online 
And according to my nondisclosure agreement, That is all I am allowed to say.  
Actually,  I'm not sure if I'm actually allowed to even say that.......  Opps

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I am pretty sure a nice bit of info has been released about the game. 

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im creaming my panties in envy :'( 
oh wait i hate RTSes

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yeah theres a good amount of info out about it now 
But the NDA goes so far as to state I'm only allowed to speak about the games details if it's demanded of me by a court order, 
And even then I'm supposed to give Microsoft prior written notice, So they can seek a protective order. 
lol, M$
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hmm, I just got an email yesterday telling me I got into the closed beta, installing now.  weird.

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Or you still not allowed to say? 

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