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The World of Agon

Agon is the world built for Darkfall online. It has been toted as possibly the largest MMO world ever created, featuring a handcrafted landscape of hills, valleys, forests, mountains, rivers, seas, islands, etc. The world is seamless and zoneless, saving players from reoccurring loading screens. There are no limitations on nor invisible walls blocking exploration of the entirety of the world. Each server world is built to support at least 10,000 simultaneous players. Dynamic weather moves across the landscape and day/night cycles cast dramatic shadows and beautiful panoramas.

Using comparative techniques of travel time, Agon has been compared to Kalimdor from World of Warcraft.
Here is an approximation of the comparative scale:


Political Map

The community of Darkfall has built a dynamic political map of Agon to show clan and alliance holdings and changes thereof.

The Four Subcontinents

  • Niflheim

    An icebound, arctic wilderness, which is home to thriving populations of Ice Giants and Winter Dragons. Flesh-scouring blizzards whip across the mountain plateaus of the interior, where the whiteness is broken by ice-blue glaciers and mysterious lakes, whose waters resemble quicksilver.
  • Yssam

    Agon's northeastern continent is a place of stifling heat, lush vegetation and heavy rains. Here, the jungle slowly reclaims the cities of a fallen culture, whose destroyer now slumbers within the walls of an emerald-clad citadel. Mindless of this, some of Agon's most terrible monsters prowl the forest depths in search of prey.
  • Cairn

    The southeastern continent is dominated by arid, viciously sun-scorched plains which are strewn with shattered and twisted rock formations. The plains are tortured by winds that blast mercilessly across the flats, howling around the jagged stands of rock. Tornados and dust devils spawn in the scrublands, and wild, rainless electrical storms dance across the blasted plains.
  • Rubaiyat

    Once nourished by the great river Angra, the continent of Rubaiyat is now left with only its dry riverbed and the endless deserts beyond. The kingdom that flourished with the river is now dead and the Red Pharoah has come to power with hordes of the undead.

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