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Aiden is a supernatural being that is eternally tied to Jodie Holmes in Beyond: Two Souls. The player's interaction with Aiden makes up most of the typical gameplay elements in Beyond. These include possessing other characters, an element similarly used in the GameCube game Geist. Aiden also acts as a protector for Jodie, and he is also called upon to complete environmental puzzles or help Jodie whenever she is in distress. Though Aiden is supernaturally connected to Jodie, he is his own being with individual characteristics that often conflict with Jodie's.

Ending Reveal

At the end of the game, it is revealed that Aiden is Jodie's twin brother. During birth, the umbilical cord strangled and killed him, but Jodie was unaffected. As such, he has forever been connected to Jodie.


For the majority of Beyond, Aiden's name is pronounced "I-den". However, there are examples of certain scenes where major characters pronounce his name as "A-den", which is the more phonetically used variant.

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