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AION: Tower of Eternity - Chinese Release Review 1

NCSoft is a company you either love or hate, and for the most part I'm not a fan of NCSoft. They certainly take chances with some of the MMOs they publish, but there are more disappointments than treasures. Lineage was the first game released by NCSoft in 1998, and was a great game at the time. When Lineage II released in 2004, it felt like the series had taken two steps backwards. Set 150 years before Lineage and sporting impressive 3D graphics, the character creation and gameplay were both jus...

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Aion: The Best Looking Mass Murder Simulator of 2009 1

Aion: Tower of Eternity Play Experience: At the time this review was written I have leveled an Elyos Chanter to 43 (level cap is 50) and seen most of the in game zones. I have played a few hours a day since the head start began on September 20. I have gone “rifting” a few times, experienced PvP in the abyss, and participated in several fortress sieges. This review is based on the state of the game as of 11/03/2009.   It is my intent to update this review once I hit level 50 and have seen the...

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Korewan Communism 0

 After 30 or so levels I and everybody I know have unsubscribed from Aion. The game itself is flawed by a few things: Ranged classes dominate PvP in the Abyss, leveling is uncreative and nearly 100% a grindfest on recycled monster textures, and most notably there is apparently ZERO support in North America for this game. Recently the games chat is being spammed heavily by gold farmers, with no GMs to get rid of them; every hour you’ll need to ignore/block around 10 or 20 gold farmers in order to...

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Really, really disappointed. Will nobody scratch my WoW itch? 0

So the consensus is that the visuals are pretty good and the gameplay is decent. I find the visuals rather bland and unappealing and the gameplay utterly tedious. It's too similar to WoW and there is too much of a grind. The dungeons in Aion are completely stale. In fact, everything related to PVE in Aion is stale. Take your least favorite PVE dungeon in WoW, take away any clever boss mechanics and situations, take away any interesting environments or story, and cut the amount of loot dropped in...

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Aion: pay-by-the-hour design pervades the game 0

Aion: Tower of Eternity My Play Experience: At the time of writing this I have both a cleric and a sorc to level 30 (level cap is 50). I've experienced the two instances available below 30 (NTC and FT), and spent some time in parts of the Abyss. I'm critiquing the game as of 11/9/2009.  Summmary:  Aion tries to provide a world where PvP is not a tack-on, but an integrated part of the game. This turns into a blessing and a curse. Overall I find the game more appealing than Warhammer Online, an...

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