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The game features various game elements. Apart from the mission briefing, the player needs to fly the plane which drops supply cargo as well as parachute troopers (the Airborne Rangers), of which the player is one himself. The next stage is an isometric action / shoot-em up stage (like Commando or Who Dares Wins) in which the player must fulfill a mission, annihilating enemy soldiers, who would often hide in bunkers and/or foxholes. The player needed to be considerate in the usage of ammo as the initial amount was limited and could only be stocked up by picking up ammo crates. The mission maps and positions of enemy soldiers etc. were randomly created and thus offered a high replayability value as well as more strategic depth. The missions would vary in their premise but all resemble well-known military fiction tropes such as rescue or capture missions. The game also features different level types all related to specific temperatures, and missions could take place in arctic environments, desert environments and so forth. The game was followed by a sequel entitled Special Forces.

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