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The Life of Ajunta Pall

Ajunta Pall's role in the grand scheme of the Star Wars storyline is a large one, though he is rarely mentioned in Star Wars media. He was among the first Jedi to embrace the darker side of the Force, fighting a massive war against the Jedi Order that lasted a little over 100 years and was referred to as the "Hundred-Year Darkness". When the dust settled, Ajunta and his Dark Jedi pals were defeated and fled to Korriban, where they met the primitive species that would forever become the namesake of the enemies of the Jedi.

The species they met were the red-skinned humanoids who were known as Sith, who had a primitive grasp of the dark side of the Force themselves. The fleeing Dark Jedi were resisted when they attempted to claim the world and fought against the Sith people. Ajunta recruited the king's Shadow Hand (his second in command) to their cause and the war turned against the natives. Ajunta himself slew the Sith king and was declared the "Lord of the Sith," a title that would continue to pass on to the strongest Dark Jedi of the order long after the Sith species themselves were forgotten.

Ajunta Pall then founded the first Sith Empire which would survive for nearly 2,000 years. At some point during Ajunta Pall's rule, many of the Sith Lords (Ajunta, himself, included) turned on eachother and fought a battle amongst themselves, attempting to gain each others' knowledge and power. It is never stated whether or not Ajunta himself was slain in this power struggle, but after his death his remains were returned to Korriban and placed into a massive tomb in what would come to be known as the Valley of the Dark Lords, the final resting place of many of the most powerful Sith Lords.

After Death

Ajunta Pall's spirit restlessly roamed about the halls of his tomb for many centuries after his death, reflecting bitterly on the decisions he made in life. In the video game, Knights of the Old Republic, the player character can encounter Ajunta Pall's spirit within his tomb. He speaks at length about the foundation of the Sith and his regrets in leading such a life. He asks you to to take his sword away from his tomb, not wanting it to remain in his tomb. You are given three swords and must use the clues given to you by Ajunta and on the descriptions of the swords themselves to determine which is Ajunta Pall's sword. If the player chooses the correct sword, they are free to take it and either keep it or take it back to the Sith Master Uthar to gain his favor, though there are other ways to do this that don't involve giving up such a powerful weapon. If the player chooses the wrong sword, Ajunta Pall attacks them.

A statue found in Ajunta Pall's tomb, likely a statue of Ajunta himself.
The outside of Ajunta Pall's tomb, as seen in Knights of the Old Republic.

It is possible, if the player has a high persuade skill, to convince Ajunta Pall to turn away from the dark side, at which point his spirit fades away, finally at peace.

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