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General Information

Al Kharid is a desert town that borders Lumbridge to the west, Varrock to the north, the Duel Arena to the east and the Shantay Pass and the Kharidian Desert to the south.
Please note that if you are travelling back and forth from both Al Kharid and Lumbridge and wish to use the main gate, you will have to pay a toll of 10 coins each time you want to cross. However, completion of the Prince Ali Rescue quest allows you to cross the gate for free, as you are a friend of Al Kharid.
Al Kharid contains many stalls which sell various goods such as plateskirts, platelegs, scimitars, gems and even crafting goods. There is also a bank, a tanner, a furnace and a palace located to the south  There is even an unlockable runestone stall (Once having completed The Feud and done a mini-quest for Ali Morrisane), which will allow you to buy runestones at a reduced price if you solve puzzle boxes which are similar to Sudoku.)
To the east, there is also a Duel Arena which allows players to duel against each other in 1 on 1 matches which can be staked or just made into a friendly duel. Duel Tournaments and the Magic Training Arena are also located near the Duel Arena but are Members Only.

Quests available in Al Kharid

 There are 3 quests currently available in Al Kharid:
  • Prince Ali Rescue
  • The Feud (Members Only)
  • Shadow of the Storm (Members Only)

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