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Anghel Higure is a bleeding-heart dove in class 2-2 of St. PigeoNations. He's flirty, and breaks through windows to enter the classroom to meet Hiyoko Tosaka, before running away just as swiftly. He lives in a fantasy world, and will refer to people with fantasy titles such as "Hallowed Magician of White" for Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane and "Apostle of the Blue Sky" for Hiyoko. He believes there's an Avatar of Destruction sealed in his crimson breast and that he is the Crimson Angel of Judecca.

He is a member of the manga club, and will draw manga based around his own fantasy world, "Anghel World". He is very passionate about being a mangaka. He doesn't like being referred to by his real name, Akagi Yoshio. Hiyoko finds his student card with his real name on it, and it ends up becoming an item proving the alliance between Hiyoko and Anghel.

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