OA work on pirated Arma 2?

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#1 Posted by youngy178 (4 posts) -

Hi all, I was just wondering if a legit bought Operation Arrowhead would work online if I had a pirated version of ArmA 2? And yeah I know it's scummy as fuck, but money is a bit tight at the moment. And I do have morals when it comes to these things, I mean as soon as I get a spare £20 I'll buy it, I just want to play DayZ with my friend this weekend.

Does anyone know if it works?

Or can anyone link me to a site where I could get 'um both for about a tenner or around there?

Again, It's scummy and I hate myself, but I really would like to play this weekend.

#2 Posted by Dagbiker (6978 posts) -

You shouldent pirate.

#3 Posted by youngy178 (4 posts) -

@Dagbiker: Yeah i know, like i said i'm getting my pay next week and i'll buy it, my friend has just bought it and i would like to play.

#4 Posted by Jimi (1126 posts) -

Pretty sure this is against forum rules. Sorry duder.

#5 Edited by youngy178 (4 posts) -

Is it? Oh sorry lads, it doesn't matter then. God damn.

EDIT - Can anyone tell me where to get it quite cheap?

#6 Posted by VierasTalo (966 posts) -

If you're trying to play DayZ you can use Arma 2 Free. Atleast back in the day.

#7 Posted by youngy178 (4 posts) -

@VierasTalo: I've heard it's unplayable due to, well, buggyness.

#8 Posted by Gamer_152 (14126 posts) -

The discussion of illegal activities is a clear violation of the forum rules, please don't create threads like this in the future.


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