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In Armor Attack, players control a jeep that can fire directly forward. Tanks and helicopters appear on-screen and players earn points by shooting them, with each target usually taking multiple shots to damage and eventually destroy. Jeeps explode after one hit, forcing players to duck and cover behind buildings or use the jeep's superior speed to avoid getting hit. 
Armor Attack is a vector graphics game and, in arcades, the walls of the buildings that create the maze-like level upon which the entire game is set aren't drawn on-screen. Instead, a plastic overlay is placed over the screen that contains the buildsing and other features. Without this film, it's impossible to know where the walls of the maze are, making the game effectively impossible to play. 
Shooting down helicopters increases the number of points earned for shooting tanks. 
Armor Attack was later ported to the Vectrex console, which also required the use of an overlay. The vertically oriented screen on the Vectrex also meant that a new maze had to be designed.

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