hellknightleon's Armored Core 2 (PlayStation 2) review

Never stop flying!

This game (in my eyes) is the best Armored Core of all. Armored Core 2 lets you make and take you own battle armor out for a long mission campaign as well as a large arena side part. As you do more of the arena or missions you get a host of new parts to tune your mec to whatever play style you wish. You get to ground pound or take the fight to the sky for a mec dogfight. This game shines in that having your friends drop by so you can show off your mec and specs and fighting it out. I can't count the number of times I showed off my giant robot and I even went so far to set up a "battle tower" style of fighting witch made my friends beat my lower mecs before I sent out my big guns. Like I said this game let you build your own mec and the number of parts you can pic from is just crazy. The end result was that no one mec was the same. If you like giant robots or you like crazy story lines this one is for you. Four stars for all the fun I had and for the hope that people can find fun in the same ways I did.

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