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Time and money... best bet. 0

Sadly this review is after TI4.... the game is kinda dead. You have to understand after the Superbowl this year most people hated football... Yet after all things are said and done they dove back in. Dota was sadly not treated the same way... we had and Superbowl kinda year. After that most people cashed out and called it. I've played Dota for over 12 years and have never seen such a drought. Even in the GiantBomb room... I'm not telling you that this is a bad time to try or get into Dota... All...

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Fast Review! 1

First, a small note: I fell bad for not buying this game day one.Pros - The story is freaking deep, art style is killer, I also love the people in the game(or love hating them), bluh bluh bluh, the choices you make feel like your 'own'.Cons - Controls can suck a tad... but nothing big, the game didn't allow me to shoot that murdering BITCH!(you guys know what I'm talking about)I feel like its a game everyone should play. Don't think its a much of a 'game'? Fine... A story everyone should play......

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Alright! Duke is back! 0

The only reason I didn't give it a 1 star is because I'm a Duke fan boy. The bugs are crazy but not game breaking... sadly. It looks so bad. Like most people... I'm holding out hope for a better Duke game. If you missed this one... try to keep it that way.Pros - You get to play Duke freaking Nukem again!Cons - The game... its all a con... all of it......

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Make a new life! 1

I have the song burned into my brain. I've spent well over 400 hours in the game... I found everything and kill everyone. This game is awesome. Now that Skyrim is out... I recommend taking a look back at this game(if you've yet to).Pros - Awesome sandbox that lets you do almost anything, Moders have been building shit for this game for years, computers of almost any type can play this game,Bluh bluh bluh awesome story and all that good stuff.Cons - Old... I mean that's not a con per say... but i...

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Shoot to Thrill 0

Bullet Storm was the most fun I've had with shooter in a long time. I also love that the game didn't care if I was following the story, as long as I was having fun. That said it was straight forward and fast paced. Sadly I picked this game up super late and only payed $20 for it. I would have payed full price and I don't think I'm alone. We all overlooked this game yet we all NEED to give it a try.Pros - Awesome gun play, you can Duke boot people, the characters are freaking awesome and voiced a...

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Solo sucks. Get a buddy. 0

Unlike most people I never played this game solo. Form the offset I had a good friend rock it out with me. My friend and me share a friendship much like the one set up in the game. That said... this game is made for two players. The co-op is awesome but a tad lacking. You fell like they need to keep at it and they will have an amazing gem on there hands. That said the gun play is "ok" to say the least. Its just not as hard hitting as you would like and the guns sound a little weak. At the same p...

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For everyone! 0

This is as good as it gets for an anyone and everyone type of game. As you can see on its home page Brad put in an awesome review for this game. I was like most people at first. "Not my type of game" I would say... then my girlfriend made me get it so she could try it out. I never gave it anymind what so ever. Was I dumb or what! After seeing her dump hours into it... she went to sleep and I went in and gave it a shot. And as the story goes she awoke to find me having a blast with the game. We w...

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Never stop flying! 0

This game (in my eyes) is the best Armored Core of all. Armored Core 2 lets you make and take you own battle armor out for a long mission campaign as well as a large arena side part. As you do more of the arena or missions you get a host of new parts to tune your mec to whatever play style you wish. You get to ground pound or take the fight to the sky for a mec dogfight. This game shines in that having your friends drop by so you can show off your mec and specs and fighting it out. I can't count...

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RPG at its best. 0

Breath Of Fire 3 is a Japanese made RPG made by Capcom. You take the rains of a young blue haired boy named Ryu. As you progress in the game you meet a colorful group of characters that will join your team. Each one has their own skill set and this changes the way each battle can play out. That helps to tune the game to your play style may it be more magic or what have you. The battle system is random encounthers style.The story of the game is that you (Ryu) have lost your memory and must learn ...

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