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Arngeir is a senior member of the Greybeards and the primary source of contact for the Dovahkiin in their interaction with the order of monks. He can be located in the monastery on the slopes of High Hrothgar. Arngeir will provide the player with information relating to several of the quests in the main plot line of the game.


During their first encounter with Arngeir the player will be taught the 'Whirlwind Sprint' shout. Later he will teach the 'Clear Skies' shout to the Dovahkiin, allowing the final ascent to the top of the Throat of the World to be made. Following the initial encounter a dialogue option appears to learn more about the 'Way of the Voice'. Selecting this will cause Arngeir to mark the location of an undiscovered Word Wall on the world map.

Arngeir is voiced by veteran actor Christopher Plummer.

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