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Wter check, puzzle check, fun double check!

Art Style Aquia was one of the first few art style games released on the nintendo DSi ware at the launch of the DSi. It is a very addictive and simplistic game that involves you basically playing a very unique and awesome form of a puzzle game. YOu start out with a board that is 3 rows, and you are given the choice of 3 gameplay styles, you can play with a horizontal cursor, a vertical cursor, or a square cursor (seen in the display pic to the right.) the goal is to get enough combos to allow the scuba diver on the right of the screen to descend to the bottom before the screen goes dark. The game offers a high amount of replayability as there is an unlockable aquarium feature that allows you to view very artistically animated abstract style fish. THe game while relativly simple can get quite complex in the later levels 9 I personally am not able to clear through level 10 yet!) and offers a great variety for anybody looking for a cheap puzzle game on DSiware. My only complaint about the game is that at times it can be a bit unforgiving, espesially as I noted in later levels. But this really only adds to the challenge.ANd this is why I give the game a 4 out of 5.

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