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For God's sake man, swim! SWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!!!!

There's not a whole lot to say about Art Style: AQUIA, simply because there really isn't very much to the game.  It is a DSiWare puzzle game that comes for the easy price of 500 points, and is appropriately sized for that price.  The lack of content, however, does not create a lack of enjoyment.  This game is a seriously addicting and entertaining experience, and is different enough from any other puzzle game I've ever played to keep it lasting for about as long as you want.  Also, this game isn't easy, so if you really want to try and get through everything, it will take some determination.  The basic concept is really simple:  you move blocks around and try to match colors together (sound familiar?).  Make enough blocks go poof before you run out of tmie and you win!

There are just some basic mechanics that work so beautifully in this game, it really comes off as the work of a genius.  Your time limit is denoted by a field of black that creeps down the screen slowly, obscuring your vision of those high up blocks.  That death cloud can only be dispelled by combining 3 shining blocks together (and only 3 can be on the board at one time), and if you fail to complete the level or get rid of said darkness before it reaches the bottom, you have drowned.  This makes the game ridiculously fast paced and nerve wrecking.  The other most notable aspect of the game is that you can play the exact same game in 3 modes.  The only differene in the modes is the shape of your section of free floating blocks, but my god does it make a huge difference in how the game plays.  I found myself unable to switch modes in a single play session, simply because it was too hard for me to completely change my way of thinking about the game on the fly. 

Without me going into detail about every mechanic of the game, it is probably hard for anyone to really understand why I think this is so genius, so I'm just going to end on this, and let you all be the judge on whether you agree or not.  Go play it!


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