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Activision Announces Skylanders Giants, Presumably While Preemptively Counting Your Money

This full sequel to Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure will be like Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures, except the Skylanders will be giant.

The concept of a sequel to Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Activision and developer Toys for Bob's obscenely popular action figure/video game combination aimed squarely at removing large quantities of cash from the wallets of parents prone to caving in to their children's demands and also Jeff Gerstmann, seemed like more an inevitability than a possibility. This became especially true when new web domains for something called Skylanders Giants appeared, striking fear into the hearts of Skylanders owners the world over, as they suddenly mulled the possibility that their currently owned Skylanders would suddenly become inferior in the face of giant goddamn Skylanders.


Your fears were not entirely unfounded, as today Activision has announced plans to release Skylanders Giants, a full-on sequel to Spyro's Adventure that, yes, features all new Skylanders figures that are reportedly a good bit bigger than the original game's plastic creature things. There will be eight new characters in all.

The good news? All the Skylanders you already caved and bought for reasons you still can't quite come to terms with within your soul will actually work just fine with this new sequel. Moreover, all the stats you've earned in the original game will carry over into Skylanders Giants.

The world will apparently get its first look at Skylanders Giants at the American International Toy Fair toward the end of this month, and the game is currently targeted for release this fall. You can check out some new screenshots on the newly-created Skylanders Giants game page, including a few new figure shots to whet your appetite for buying plastic things you totally know you shouldn't but will do anyway because you have the non-willpower of a thousand heroin junkies combined.

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