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Activision Probably Making That New TMNT Game

This makes way more sense than the rumors that were going around.

Would you trust these turtles with your children?
Would you trust these turtles with your children?

Look, the idea of Rocksteady Studios applying their expertise to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game remains a really great good idea. I mean, hell, the series has a character named Rocksteady.

Besides the fact that it doesn’t make any sense given how the licensing works out, it appears another company is already in cahoots with the turtles: Activision.

TMNT fansite Ninja Pizza (which is a really great name for a TMNT fansite, by the way) went through a series of photos taken by ToyArk from the ongoing Toy Fair in New York and noticed Activision was mentioned as a partner for TMNT in 2012.

In my dreams, though, Rocksteady is still making that game.

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