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Guitar Hero: Metallica Gets Lips Service, Rock Band 2 To Follow

Light-up wireless microphones for everyone!

Polygonal James Hetfield approves!
Polygonal James Hetfield approves!
While it didn't quite stack up to the social-networking-experiment-gone-horribly-awesome that is SingStar, Microsoft's Lips was a karaoke game that had some unique things going for it. The idea of letting players use their own music, even if the execution was kind of half-assed, seemed like a charitable gesture in this world of mercenary DLC strategies. For me, though, the best part of Lips--save for the inclusion of Young MC's Bust a Move--was the wireless microphones that came bundled with the game. They had a nice weight to them, the shaft (EDIT: pfft!) lit up with crazy colors while you sang, and did I mention that they were wireless?

The only real drawback of the Lips mics, and it's a significant one, is that they didn't work with any other games. Well, no longer! Microsoft has announced that support for the Lips mics will be coming to several other music games on the Xbox 360, starting with Guitar Hero: Metallica, with Rock Band 2 support coming this summer. It also hinted that additional title support would be coming later this year, though it declined to name any other specific games. So, if you hate wires, but love singing, picking up a copy of Lips is starting to look like a decent idea.