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Kiefer Sutherland Is Now Snake

24 and Lost Boys actor taking up the mantle for The Phantom Pain.

As part of its pre-E3 show, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima revealed actor Kiefer Sutherland is the new voice of Snake for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Sutherland is best known for portraying Jack Bauer on the long-running TV show 24. He was pretty sweet in The Lost Boys, too.

One of the reasons Sutherland may have been chosen to portray Snake is the game’s reliance on performance capture for the role.

The previous voice of Snake, David Hayter, tried to take change in sarcastic stride on Twitter.

“Can't fault [Kiefer], “ said Hayter. “Great actor, good man. The game will probably still be excellent. Like New Coke! [...] To my beloved Tweeps, I can't thank you enough for all your support. Getting fired was never so heartwarming.”

MGSV: The Phantom Pain is scheduled for a release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3...someday? A release date isn’t yet known.

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Posted by Wraith1

maybe we're all being trolled here

Posted by ShadowSkill11

I assumed they were going to get another no name video game actor. They got Jack mother fucking Bauer. This is going to be good.

Posted by John1912

Wow that sucks...Kiefer is a good choice but why? Also dont see why they needed him due to video capture.

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Jack Bauer is now Big Boss. This is awesome.

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David Hayter isn't the "previous voice of Snake". Hayter is still the voice of


Snake, a character who is not in this game. Keifer Sutherland is the voice of Big Boss, aka


Snake, who


in this game. They are two different characters. They even talk to each other in MGS4, where Big Boss was, again, not voiced by David Hayter.

It blows my mind that there are people sharp enough to keep up with Metal Gera's convoluted plot but can't get their heads around the idea that these are two different characters, ergo two different voices. Keifer is the new voice of Big Boss; David Hayter is, by all accounts, still the voice of Solid Snake.

Everyone seems to be saying this but Hayter played Naked Snake/Big Boss in multiple Metal Gear games. Portable Ops, Peace Walker, and lest we forget Metal Gear Solid 3 the only exception being Metal Gear 4. Its not that people can't get their heads around the idea of two characters with different voices, its that Hayter is and has been both Snakes consistently through the franchise. Which is why the fans are bummed/angered at the fact Hayter won't be reprising his role.

Posted by rebgav

Hayter is and has been both Snakes consistently through the franchise. Which is why the fans are bummed/angered at the fact Hayter won't be reprising his role.

It would be really difficult to follow cutscenes featuring two identical dudes who share the same voice in Metal Gear Solid 6: Metal Gear Solid.

Posted by Jaxley

Hang on, we knew this ages ago. Kiefer Sutherland was in the trailer back when we only knew it as "The Phantom Pain".

Posted by laserbolts


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I don't want anybody but Hayter voicing Snake.

Well, maybe Kurt Russell.

Posted by Ninja

@batmeng said:

@young_scott said:

@batmeng said:

@swaney: Do you really believe Kojima went and got Kiefer Sutherland to pretend he's gonna voice Snake in the next MGS in a fake announcement video at an attempt to arrange an ELABORATE RUSE? That's insane.

Thinking it through like that, yeah, it sounds insane. But if Kiefer is portraying someone else in the game? Not so much.

I'm not saying Kiefer Sutherland


play Big Boss, but remember, this is Kojima we're talking about. The studio put together quite a bit of fake MGS2 footage to fool everyone with the reveal of Raiden. He's a master troll! ;)

@sasnake said:

I still think this is more of a prank. I mean we knew Sutherland was in it, he voices the character thats not Snake in the demo, meaning he was at least available to take part. They tell us he is the new voice, yet still fail to provide even a snippet of Snake talking ingame, plus Avi Arad was the one that introduced Sutherland to Kojima...but Arad is friends with Hayter, as they worked on the X-Men films together. This also seems like the kinda thing that would be announced live at E3, not a pre recorded 10 minute video before E3.

This is fucking ridiculous, but I'm almost... goddamn it. If this turns out to be the ruse to ruse all ruses. ....Fucking Kojima. No fucking way. This already went way too far. I don't know what to think anymore.

Nah, no way. He can't do this. It's not right.



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Profoundly sad to see Hayter gone for certain. His voice was iconic for that character, and I really liked that character. It'd be like removing Nolan North from Uncharted.

Posted by lightningstrike14

So they pulled a Thief. I hope this doesn't start a trend

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What the hell is that attached to Snake's head? Maby Kiefer is just playing an evil Snake clone.

Edited by prankxxxx

Will only accept this if Snake is ridding a Hind D spouting racist insults at 50cent

Posted by rachelepithet

Seeing people bitch "that's not Snake!" makes me never want to play another Metal Gear game.

Edited by theveej

I bet kiefer sutherland is big boss and hayter will still voice solid snake.

Big boss was voiced by someone else in MGS4 so it only makes sense that another voice actor plays him in MGS5, specially since MGS5 is in the era where solid snake could make an appearance in.

As long as solid snake is still voiced by hayter, im totally cool with this.

Edited by Discoman

Well Hayter has been hinting at this for awhile, but in a tongue in cheek way that hints it could very well be a rouse. I wouldn't expect him to be upset anyway considering he had expressed doubts he could return as he had trouble doing the original Snake voice back when MGS3 was coming out.

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@rasgueado said:

It's not really getting fired though right? Isn't it more like he wasn't hired for it?

Depends. Some of these guys have contracts to do certain voices. Like that guy what does Mario will probably be voicing Mario for the rest of his natural life and then some. We don't know the details though. He may just have expected to get it because he's the guy.

Posted by AV_Gamer

Not a bad choice in my opinion. I'm more focused on the fact that the MGS can't move on without a Snake character.

Posted by eccentrix

@spitznock said:

@tesla said:

I think I'm one of the few die hard Metal Gear fans that isn't at all bothered by the change. Love my man Hayter but it's not like he's going to be out on the streets now. Plus if you're going to replace him, Kiefer Sutherland is a pretty damn good choice.

Can't wait for more Metal Gear!

^^^ This.

I'm sure he'll do a bang-up job. People just want to complain.

Also: To the people going "Durr you're an idiot, Patrick. He isn't going to be Solid Snake; he'll be Big Boss."... you get the idea. Hayter voiced Big Boss as well as Solid Snake. They may as well be the same person. Stop being dicks.

It's a very valid thing to complain about; that voice is the character. The character of Snake. If Old Snake is making such a big transition that he is becoming Big Boss, then it makes sense for his voice to change. It's allayed my fears for now, just knowing that it's not Solid Snake.

Posted by kerikxi

One thing to keep in mind here: the Japanese voice actor for Snake was NOT replaced. All this talk about changing directions and whatever else is a steaming load. Japanese Snake in MGS5 will sound the same as he has in MGS1, 2, 3 and 4. This is perhaps what upsets me the most, the misdirection and deceiving from Kojima and Konami. Something fishy is going on.

Edited by Jensonb


So...Been a huge Metal Gear Solid fan for 14 years.

Annnnnnnd, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. This series has been gradually disappearing up its own ass since after MGS3. Sure it was heading that way with some of MGS2, but MGS3 was a thorough course correction and MGS4 was a decent follow up. But it [MGS4] began a shift that has ultimately transformed these games into not being the series I fell in love with. Getting rid of Hayter is bad enough, but the reasoning - that they wanted to use an actor who could also mo-cap the character - is asinine.

And even if it is a massive troll...I've had just about enough of that shit from Hideo Kojima. It was funny the first few times, but now it's just getting to be fucking annoying. So this stands as the tipping point for me even if David mysteriously re-surfaces in the game. Frankly, that'd be worse. It's just rude to constantly dick around with people like this.

So...I'm out. You can keep your new Metal Gear, Konami.

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@wraith1 said:

maybe we're all being trolled here

Yeah, I kind of think we are. I thought it was weird that Keifer himself never actually said "I am playing Snake." He kept talking about "the character" and "the game." Maybe he was told to be vague on purpose, so Kojima could use the footage for his crazy trollin'.

Posted by jillsandwich

This is probably a big Kojima ploy.

Posted by selfconfessedcynic

I'm actually really happy with this move :D

(I come from the camp of Fuck Yeah Jack Bauer!)

Posted by Snail

Why didn't Hayter get the role?

Edited by RobertOrri

I can't quite wrap my head around this. Such a weird change.

Also, the wiki needs a seperate entry for "Keifer Sutherland".

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Get it trending.


no even mad.

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It took me about 4 times reading the headline to really register it.

Posted by BitterAlmond

My vote is for Kurt Russell, the original Snake.

Edited by mandude
@kerikxi said:

One thing to keep in mind here: the Japanese voice actor for Snake was NOT replaced. All this talk about changing directions and whatever else is a steaming load. Japanese Snake in MGS5 will sound the same as he has in MGS1, 2, 3 and 4. This is perhaps what upsets me the most, the misdirection and deceiving from Kojima and Konami. Something fishy is going on.

I imagine this means that the only reason Japanese Snake gets to keep his job is because he's not required to provide facial expressions all of a sudden, since Kiefer Sutherland is going to be doing that for him.

It still seems somewhat disingenuous, though. Old Snake was way beyond his forties, physically, and he didn't feel the need to recast him then. I wont pretend to know the range of Japanese Snake's voice actor, so I'm hoping it's just a way for them to develop Big Boss beyond being a mere copy and paste of Solid Snake.

Posted by Wrighteous86

@isomeri said:

What the hell is that attached to Snake's head? Maby Kiefer is just playing an evil Snake clone.

They've said that that's a piece of shrapnel or something that gets embedded in his head and causes his coma or whatever.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Kiefer Sutherland is an unbelievable get, and a significant upgrade. What the fuck is wrong with you people...

Edited by ptys

Cool! Makes sense to me.

Posted by KainCarver

My vote is for Kurt Russell, the original Snake.

I'd agree with you except for one fact, Kurt Russell is better than the MGS games.

Edited by Nasher02

I respect the fact that there trying to evolve a long standing franchise and bring more life to Big Boss. Maybe it's a good idea to bring someone like Kiefer in to do it and it doesn't mean that David can't be involved at a later date possibly bringing a degree of separation between the two snakes, especially if you're introducing this franchise to late comers.

Edited by Enigma_2099

While I'm sure the game will still be good, you better have a damn good excuse, Kojima...

Edited by SlashDance
Dat profile picture.

Edited by big_jon

As a non-fan of the series, I have always though Snake's voice was terrible, so thumbs up for me I guess?

Edited by TravisRex

@probablytuna: I think kiefer is a little too old to play snake in any kind of movie.

Edited by ThunderSlash

But who voices David Hayter?

Edit: The answer is Troy Baker.

Edited by TravisRex
@nevi said:

Kiefer did some voice work for an anime in the 90s called Armitage III

Man, I remember that anime. I remember liking it as a kid. Which character did he play? The cop?

Posted by Korolev

David Hayter better not burn his bridges.

Posted by revel

Why make a video game. Just make a movie already.

Edited by SomeJerk

Youtubed some 24 to freshen up my memory. It'll be immediately different from the voice that became a joke, it'll take forever to get used to, but the gruff tired whiskey-swilled Jack Bauer voice will do the job of a Big Boss that was silent for eight years well. If this material was studied then it seems that Kojima wanted the voice to be in line with the Japanese voice-acting.

Posted by TheHT

just realized this article title is wrong.

Edited by Chaser324

@korolev said:

David Hayter better not burn his bridges.

Yeah, I agree. I think there's still a decent chance of him being asked to reprise his role as Solid Snake at some point, but if he isn't careful, he's going to piss off someone and get totally locked out of Metal Gear.

Moderator Online
Posted by ComradeCrash

That's cool!

Posted by sprode

Hope you like your Snake loud and persistent. "WHERE IS THE METAL GEAR"

Posted by bjorno