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Project Natal's New Name Is Kinect

Microsoft finally officially names the Xbox 360's motion control device.

Microsoft's hands-free motion controller, which was once called Project Natal, now has an official name: Kinect.

Earlier this evening, USA Today confirmed rumors of the official branding in advance of Microsoft's Cirque Du Soleil event, which is due to air on MTV this Tuesday. As expected, the hardware publisher has since announced Kinect at the event and even demoed several of the games that will use the device.  
The games announced and shown thus far won't be unfamiliar to those with a Wii sitting in their entertainment center. Microsoft is set to publish a collection of sports-themed mini-games called Kinect Sports, a river-rafting title named Kinect Adventures, and a pet-training game called Kinectimals

Joy Ride, as rumored, is set to be a Kinect title and will eventually be joined by an MTV Games-developed dance game called Dance Central (which might be the rumored Harmonix-tied Kinect title). A Disney-developed and a LucasArts Star Wars game are also in the works.     
But most importantly, we'll be able to finally control the NXE Minority Report-style. According to USA Today, users with Kinect will be able to grab and intialize apps like Netflix with gestures. Freedom!
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Posted by ToadRunner

Lmao- "Kinect Sports"
I loved the 360, but now they are ripping off the wii so blatantly...
If Playstation Move launches with "Move Sports" im just going to sit the rest of this generation out.

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Posted by WinterSnowblind
@ToadRunner said:
" Lmao- "Kinect Sports"  I loved the 360, but now they are ripping off the wii so blatantly...  If Playstation Move launches with "Move Sports" im just going to sit the rest of this generation out. "
"Move Sports" was the first game announced for the thing.
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Posted by capthavic

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that name sucks. Wave wasn't great but it wasn't a bad alternative either. 
Also I think it's too late for a name change. It's been practically marketed as Natal for so long weve all gotten used to calling it that. And will casual gamers who don't keep up on gaming news ( ie the people its made for)  know about the change or simply think it's something else?
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Posted by ProfessorEss
@ToadRunner said:
"Kinect Sports"
I understand the argument but seriously, am I the only one who thought "Wii Sports" sounded just as lazy - regardless of whether it was "copied" or not?
....I mean, it's just called it "Sports".
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Edited by NL_Buddha

I wonder if Cal Ripkin will be mad. He had a bat named that in the 90's. Look it up, it is spelled exactly the same. Really original microsoft. 

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Posted by Insectecutor
@onecynicmedic said:
" For those who are concerned about the spelling of Kinect I'm pretty sure it's a  portmanteau for Kinetic and Connect but that's just my guess.  "
Clearly. People being concerned about its spelling still shows that the name is shitty, whether it's a portmanteau or not.
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Posted by first2die

Kinect is imo a mash up of the words Kinetic and Connect. 
Meaning that you connect with the game/console through Kinetic Activity. 
As cheap as it sounds, it is still more meaningful the Natal.

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Posted by dbz1995

Wave is definitely the best name I've heard for Project Natal.

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Posted by Milkman

The general public will love it and it will sell by the boatloads. The rest of the people who actually play video games ("hardcore gamers", you could say) will scratch their heads and scream that Microsoft has forgotten their demographic.

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Posted by davidwitten22

I'm ready for Kinect-4 to be released. Now that Microsoft has showed us their eyetoy, I'm very excited to see Sony's wiimote.

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Posted by sjolle

im confused

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Posted by shenstra

So I guess this is the postNatal name? *badum-tish* 
And people thought Wii was a bad name....

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Posted by UselessNinjaMan

Kinectimals? Really?
@Binman88 said:

" Gotta Kinectimal! "

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Posted by Rasgueado

Why does good marketing always seem to equate to bad english?