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Someone's Beaten Spelunky in Under Two Minutes

Speedrunners continue to find new ways to shave precious seconds off the race to Olmec. All hail the teleporter!

To anyone who's played Spelunky before, this is going to sound totally crazy: someone has beaten the game in 1:55.35. That honor goes to Pibonacci, who used a combination of the jetpack, compass, and teleporter to beat the previous world record of 2:01.396. Watch the first two minutes of this video to see the madness unfold:

It takes more than a dozen hours to start feeling comfortable playing Spelunky. It's a game full of constantly shifting variables that will surprise even the most veteran player. That's what makes Spelunky so exciting, especially when it comes to world record attempts. It could happen at any time. For Pibonacci, everything fell into place when it came to items, and it's his expert use of the teleporter that even makes the run possible.

A little confused? Let me help.

If you piss off a single shopkeeper in Spelunky, they're all angry at you for the rest of the run, and they carry shotguns. When you're first learning Spelunky, you'll desperately avoid making them upset, but eventually, it's critical to grab items from the shopkeepers without paying for them. Pibonacci doesn't have time to collect treasure, nor wait for a bomb to blow up, so he uses a jump 'n whip technique that allows him to quickly disable the shopkeeper, grab his items--jetpack, teleporter--and move on. There are several techniques for stealing.

When I started playing Spelunky, I'd pick up the teleporter to mix things up if I was frustrated. The teleporter seems random, but it's not. The item moves the player a specific number of spaces in a targeted direction but it's entirely possible (and likely) to teleport yourself into an enemy or chunk of wall that's offscreen. That's what gets most people. But if you spend hundreds of hours with Spelunky, you'll begin to recognize pieces of geometry, and you can start making accurate calculations on which sections can be safely teleported through. That's what Pibonacci is doing here, using a mixture of gut and memory. Just blindly using the teleporter will, inevitably, result in death, but it's clear Pibonacci generally knows where his character is going to end up.

What really sets this run apart from any other run with a teleporter, though, is stumbling upon the compass. The compass allows Pibonacci to know exactly where the level exit is. It doesn't take very long to explore a stage in Spelunky, but during a speed run, every second counts. Each moment applied to the right direction is critical. It's unlikely he would have have gotten the record without the compass.

While it might seem crazy, watching Pibonacci's run reveals room for improvement. It's definitely possible to beat Spelunky faster than 1:55.35. The problem (and genius) of Spelunky is that it's not reliable. If Pibonacci was to practice this exact map layout over and over again, he could shave tons of time off his run, but that's not possible. Every time you head into a new game of Spelunky, you have to be prepared to realize this is "the one." There are tools that allow players to lock the map in Spelunky, but those don't qualify for records.

Someday soon, someone will beat this run. It might even be Pibonacci himself.

As for me? I'll continue to remember my greatest moments in Spelunky in GIF form.

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Posted by PlasmaMachine

I bet he could've done it faster by initiating BatTechâ„¢.

Posted by mithhunter55

Patrick's ghost dodging skills were cool though.

Posted by EVO

Wow. I'm still working on Speedlunky.

Posted by chinaski

Doesn't this all kind of hinge on getting the teleporter and jetpack almost immediately?

Posted by Skrams

@chinaski: Yes, rerolling until you get that combo a lot of the time

Edited by Darthlex

@sethphotopoulos: It's the ending theme from Final Fantasy IX, "Melodies of Life". I fucking love that game.

Posted by Ett

If only Germany had won EVO they would have the Trifecta.

Posted by Y2Ken

@razielcuts said:

And he did it with keyboard controls, madness.


Having used both extensively (pad when I first played on 360, then I played a bunch of classic Spelunky on PC so with the PC release I stuck to keyboard) I find the keyboard controls work waaay better for me. Just depends what you get used to I guess.

Posted by peritus

Impressive! I managed to do it in 6 minutes and 39 seconds once. Thats more then 3 times as long! And i thought that was pretty fast.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

What a day for Germany.

Edited by Rotnac

2014: Year of the Germans

Posted by flameboy84

Wow what a run I'm still yet to remotely beat it.

Posted by hermes

That is insane. Just the idea that he can be so fast in a game with random generated dungeons seems mindblowing...

Posted by Paindamnation

@jonkrag said:

@dasdude: He totally lost his shit for a couple seconds when he completed it though, but to be fair he deserves at least that.

So many years! SO MANY YEARS

Posted by Quantical

Things like this make me feel like some sort of elderly tortoise the way I play (badly).

Posted by Thiago123

That music...and pewdeepieish accent...

Awesome feat though. Add one more Weltmeister to the week.

While the whole thing was phenomenal (everytime I touch the teleporter I instantly end up inside a wall), for a low level player like myself * I think the part I was most impressed with was the ease of which he took out the shopkeeper.

*- only about 300 runs between xbla and vita, beaten Olmec a few times but never reached Yama


Edited by morrelloman

Pibo is a pimp

Posted by drakesfortune

I watch stuff like this, and I can't understand why I can't get past the jungle. I watched Patrick play countless hours of Spelunky...and I just don't get why I suck at it so bad. I must just lack patience.

Posted by ripelivejam

Back to the vita version and dying on the first world repeatedly for me...

Posted by flippyandnod

I'm so terrible at this game.

And I can't tell you how many times I've crushed myself with a block when using the mattock.

Edited by mageemagoo

Can anyone tell me what that music in the beginning of the video is? Its so familiar to me and its driving me insane.

Posted by SilverBolt

Awesome run. Seeing shopkeepers get tele-fragged is the best.

Posted by LarryDavis

Great I guess.

Edited by your_name_here
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