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The Secrets Of Super Mario Crossover Revealed

Learn how to cram six NES carts into one Flash game.

 Mega Man doesn't put his helmet on until you get a power-up.
 Mega Man doesn't put his helmet on until you get a power-up.
Have you played Super Mario Crossover? Why not? You should. Crossover takes the classic levels from the original Super Mario Bros. and allows you to play them as Mario or as one of five other characters from classic NES franchises. What makes Crossover so interesting is that all of the playable characters feature the same control mechanics they had in their original games, except that now, instead of fighting octoroks or medusa heads, you're fighting the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. If you've ever dreamed about seeing Bill from Contra shoot a goomba with a machine gun, or watch Samus kill a koopa with a bomb, then you should most definitely check the game out before Nintendo's lawyers do.
It's a pretty cool little time waster, and now you can get a little inside information about how the game was made. Jay Pavlina, the man who developed the game, is developing a YouTube series where he plays through levels of Crossover and provides commentary about the various design, musical, and artistic decisions he made when developing the game. The first video in the series focuses on playing through level 1-1 with Simon Belmont
Check it!
Cool, huh? I really like hearing him talk about how he had to change the "physics" of Simon Belmont's jump so that he could reach the same heights as Mario. It's the weird, little details that you don't even really think about when you play the games that I enjoy hearing about. I also like Jay's hair and beard combo. It makes him look like a mad scientist. All game developers should look like mad scientists   
What do you think, Bombers? Do you like seeing developer commentary for these types of games? And what classic NES character would you like to see grabbing the top of the flagpole?