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Simon Belmont is the protagonist of Castlevania, the inaugural entry in the Castlevania franchise. He is arguably the most recognizable of the Belmont clan and as such has also appeared in the most games, in addition to many cameos in other Konami games. Silent and with conviction, he wields the Vampire Killer whip and the basic set of subweapons against Dracula's undead legions.


Simon's previous design, by Ayami Kojima.

Simon Belmont fought Dracula on multiple occasions in the 1690's, a century after Christopher Belmont. His first foray into Dracula's castle in 1691 has been retold several times over, but all finish with the business end of the Vampire Killer whip in Dracula's face.

However, Dracula was able to hex Simon before his defeat. The events of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest take place seven years later in 1698, as Simon was forced to collect the remains of Dracula to put an end to his curse. Scattered in mansions across Transylvania, Simon gathered the rib, heart, eye, tooth/nail, and ring of Dracula and burned them in the ruins of Castlevania. This summoned a weakened spirit of Dracula which Simon promptly defeated. Depending on how much time the player takes to complete the quest, Simon either lives or succumbs to the vampire's spell.

Like most of the other Belmonts, it is unknown what happens to Simon after this. His descendants include Juste and Richter.

Other appearances

Simon in Castlevania Judgment.

Simon was a popular choice to show up randomly in Konami games in the late 80's/early 90's. These range from mere cameos such as in Legend of the Mystical Ninja to more playable forms in the Konami Wai Wai World series. He was also a bonus character in the boss rush mode of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. He most recently appeared in the fighting game Castlevania Judgment and for the first time ever, speaks.

Simon in Portrait of Ruin

Simon makes a cameo appearance in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, as one of the five Belmont in the Dual Crush attack "The Greatest Five". As an added bonus to long time fans, Simon will appear in his 8-bit form from time to time.

Lords of Shadow

Simon Belmont, from Mirror of Fate.

In the Lords of Shadow reboot continuity, Simon Belmont is the son of Trevor Belmont and his wife Sypha, and the grandson of Gabriel Belmont, who transformed himself into the Vampire Lord, Dracula. In the year 1073, twenty-six years after Gabriel defeated the Lords of Shadow and fell to darkness, Trevor sets out to destroy Dracula and return honour to the family name. However, Trevor never returns from the castle, and that night, Dracula sends an army of monsters to destroy the stronghold from which he came. Young Simon is the only survivor, and was apparently adopted by the Barbarians who live in the wilds of Wallachia, who raised him to adulthood. Wanting to emulate his father, who used a Combat Cross in battle, Simon trains himself with a whip, called Beast Hunter, and in 1103, sets off on his own quest to destroy Dracula and avenge the deaths of his parents. During his travels within Dracula's domain, he encounters the mysterious vampire Alucard, who also seeks to kill Dracula, and is quietly aided by him several times. Finally, Simon and Alucard confront Dracula together, and while it is Alucard who does most of the actual work in the battle, he has Simon stab Dracula through the heart with Trevor's Combat Cross, which he had recovered from the castle, seemingly destroying him. It is unknown what happened to Simon after this, but he presumably died, whether by violent causes or old age, during the nine hundred years between Mirror of Fate and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and it is known that Simon reproduced at some point, as Lords of Shadow 2's Victor Belmont is said to be a direct descendant of Simon.

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