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The well-known Konami logo.
Konami is a well known video game developer who made a name for themselves creating hit arcade games. The company's success grew when they started releasing games for home consoles. They ported hit arcade games like Contra, Super C, Rush N Attack, Platoon, and Castlevaina to the NES and various PC formats. Konami also made console and PC exclusive games like Metal Gear.  Konami is also famous for creating the " Konami Code", first used in Gradius. However, it is most famous for its use in Contra, where inputting this code gave the player 30 lives. Sometimes, Konami uses the code in other games for a different effect.  Konami have worked on a number of IP-based games like TMNT, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Bucky O'Hare.

Simon's Quest employed several features that would become mainstays in later games.
Konami is credited for creating innovative games like Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest . Several features, like non-linear progression, buying weapons, and levelling up, would later be used in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Sony Playstation years later. From the success of SOTN, Konami created a series of handheld Castlevaina games with the same type of action/adventure gameplay. Other significant games include sports games like Double Dribble, shooters like Contra, and space shooters like Life Force and Gradius.

Suikoden 2 has received much positive reception since its release.
In 1995, Konami released Suikoden for the Sony Playstation, a console with many well-known RPG's. Suikoden was a turn-based RPG with strong Chinese and Japanese influences. Like SaGa games and other titles, the player could recruit up to 108 characters and use six during battle. The game was successful enough for Konami to release a sequel, Suikoden 2. It focused on the one thing many gamers felt the first lacked: a powerful story. Suikoden 2 featured a deep story about politics and war. With the success of Suikoden 2, Suikoden was established as an RPG franchise that would spawn several sequels and spin-offs.
Silent Hill 2 is the sequel to Konami's PS1 venture into the survival horror genre.

Another of Konami's major franchises is Silent Hill, released in 1999 as their response to other survival horrors of the time, like Resident Evil. Unlike Resident Evil, which focused on visceral scares, Silent Hill featured a tense atmosphere and deep plot elements. The game would become a success for the company and develop a solid fanbase. On the Playstation 2, Konami released a sequel, Silent Hill 2. The game was a critical and financial success, regarded by many as the best in the series. The series would go on to include various sequels and a film adaptation.

Hideo Kojima is considered the Steven Spielberg of video games.
In 1998, Konami developer Hideo Kojima created the stealth action game Metal Gear Solid. He was already known in the gaming world for games like Metal Gear, Snatcher, and Policenauts. However, he did not become particularly famous until his work on Metal Gear Solid on the PS1.  The game enjoyed both critical and financial success and, like several other Konami franchises, would be followed by many sequels, like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The game was given more attention than its predecessor, from the movie-level production values to portions of the music having been written by Hollywood talent. It would become a big seller for the Playstation 2, but was criticized for its overly long cutscenes and confusing story. However, it was still successful enough to warrant a follow-up:  Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater . Konami also remade the original Metal Gear Solid for the GameCube, under the names Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. It employed many of the features Sons of Liberty did, like improved cinematics and aiming in a first person view. When the Playstation 3 came out, Konami released the final game in the Metal Gear storyline: Guns of the Patriots. Upon release, it earned notable amounts of praise.

As of today, Konami is a very high profile video game company. They have a large dedicated fan base and create games for a wide range of platforms.

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