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Simon Belmont, the game's main protagonist (sporting his 2001 redesign).
Simon Belmont, the game's main protagonist (sporting his 2001 redesign).

Castlevania Chronicles (known in Japan as Castlevania Chronicle: Devil's Castle Dracula) is an action horror platformer developed by KCE Tokyo and published by Konami for the Sony PlayStation on October 8, 2001.

Originally a Japan-only 1993 game for the Sharp X68000 (titled Devil's Castle Dracula), Castlevania Chronicles is an enhanced remake of the original Castlevania, improving the graphics, music, and game engine while being more accurate to the original game (as opposed to Super Castlevania IV, which completely revamped the levels and content).

The plot and premise for Castlevania Chronicles remains the same as the original Castlevania (and its other recreations): players control heroic vampire hunter Simon Belmont, wielder of the Vampire Killer whip, as he sets out through a dark, unholy castle in the year 1691 to search and destroy the evil Count Dracula.


It includes two modes:

  • Original mode, which is a faithful emulation of the original game.
  • Arrange mode, which updates the art in some places and uses new music.


If you hold L1 and R1 while selecting either original or arrange mode and press start, you are given the option to choose which of three sound modules you would like to use. The FM synthesizer module is the lowest quality, while the Roland GS module offers the highest quality. In original mode, it defaults to the lowest quality module, so this can be used to improve the audio experience significantly.

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