The Definitive 108 Stars of Destiny

You guys should probably play a Suikoden game. Or watch The Water Margin. Or, I dunno, read the book I guess. This is a list for those who have done some of the above, where I expand the central "108 dudes chosen by destiny" conceit to include Giant Bomb's entire video game character database for many laughters and good time (in JRPG speak). Where possible, I'll take characters that suit the roles the game usually reserves for specific stars, just with my own spin on it.
NB: Not a transparent attempt at the Martin Luther Quest, since I already made a transparent attempt at that a while ago and got it. So there.
(Thanks to Suikosource for the names of the stars.)

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Posted by Video_Game_King

There's only one way Mario can be the Video Game King, and that's if I'm Mario. * remembers own blog* Wait...

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Someone needs to make a psin off Suikoden with these characters as the army.

Posted by firespot

Can't say I am a fan of Mario.. XD I think Chrono or Link would be much more suitable.

Eiko Carol as the Chikei star is interesting. Jade from Beyond Good & Evil is there too!

The only person missing is Kya from Kya Dark Lineage.

I love the Chiku stars in the Suikoden games, and I'm okay with Pokemon trainer.

Posted by Delsaber

Make this happen, Konami! It's not like you're doing anything else with Suikoden right now.

Fantastic list.