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Zelos Wilder is a womanizer and the Chosen of Tethe'alla. He usually takes all the fame for himself. His playful attitude and comedic objectification of women are merely the outer layer to a much more complex character that is revealed only if the player makes an effort to become friends with this mysterious chosen. His dark and depressing past can be learned, and he will explain that he acts so joking outwardly so as to never allow himself to let the past get to him.


Zelos' weapon of choice is a rapier or a sword and shield. For full detail on what types of skills Zelos has view Kratos' character page, as they both share the exact same abilities. Not only that, but they both share a very similar fighting style beyond a few minor differences. Zelos' default attacks are faster than Kratos, but do less damage; his health also scales lower than Kratos', however his TP scaling makes up for it.

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