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Regal Bryant is a convict who was sent by the pope of Tethe'ella to capture Colette. He then later joins the party after recognizing. Regal is a kind hearted person as well as being an excellent cook, which is a noticeably strange talent for someone like Regal due to his handicap of keeping his hands handcuffed at all times.

Regal was once in a relationship with Presea's sister Alicia, who was also in the Exsphere program like Presea. However unlike Presea, Alicia turned into a monster and at her own request Regal killed her with his own hands. This is his reasoning for why he wears his shackles; his guilt of killing Alicia disallows him from taking them off.


Chained by his own madness.

Regal only fights with his feet since his hands are shackled, Regal claims that when fighting with his hands before his shackles his strength and mastery of the previous style far surpassed those of the techniques he uses now.

Since Regal fights with his feet most of his attacks are melee based and can deal out a lot of damage when fighting that can surpass even Lloyd's own damage dealing. Regal also has access to some healing techniques--powered by 'Chi'--to help out if the party is near death. However is only suited as a secondary healer as his healing limits cannot cover a whole team.

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