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Marta Lualdi is the female main protagonist of Dawn of the New World. Marta lost her mother during the Great Kharlan Tree's rampage on Palmacosta two years prior to the game's start. Marta is a bit of a tomboy and likes to get her way most of the time depending on the situation. The Ratatosk's core is embedded on her forehead, containing the spirit Ratatosk. Richter Albend describes Ratatosk as the demon lord which he had sworn to destroy. Emil became her guardian knight in order to protect her and the Ratatosk's Core. She views him as a weak and cowardly person but believes that he possesses hidden strength which is brought out through battle.

Marta is often carefree despite the dangers of their journey
In battle!

Marta uses Dual Spinner weapon to spin and slash at her enemies. Like Colette, She is both a fighter and caster, able to be on the front lines when needed for melee offense or in the back lines casting support and healing spells. Marta is able to hold herself in battle with her wide variety of melee artes as well as an array of offensive spells such as Photon, Prism Sword, and Divine Saber. Her support artes such as First Aid and its mid- and advanced- tier variations, Heal and Cure, allows her to heal up the wounds of her allies. Other support artes such as Barrier and Enhance Cast increases her fellow teamates' stats to provide extra protection from enemies. To further augment her already impressive artes, her Dual Spinner weapon can be customized to form elemental spinners, which with luck, can instant-cast a basic elemental spell corresponding to the weapon. In addition, her SP skill Speed Cast and its variations shortens her casting time and allows her to unleash spells faster, which combined with any additional Speed Cast 2 equipment will allow her to form a near infinite chain of spell combos. By obtaining the Prime Evil cloak found in the secret dungeon, Gladsheim, Marta is able to equip on the skill Accelerate, giving her a reduced recovery time and allows her to make long melee combos. Marta's ability to use spells is still under question, for she is neither an elf or half-elf. It can be assumed that she is able to use them because of the Ratatosk's core on her forehead.

Marta's fighting style is a combination of strength and elegance.

Like Emil, Marta is able to get along well with most people that she meets. However, she still harbors a great resentment towards the Chosen for abandoning her duty to regenerating the world as well as causing the Great Karlan Tree to run amok, causing the death of her mother. She shows much affection for Emil, often calling him her "prince". She cares deeply for him and is especially worried whenever Emil switches personalities, as it turns him from his quiet and kind demeanor to a more cold and violent person. As the story progresses, She grown to love Emil, and is very concerned about his future as a Ratatosk Knight.

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