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Presea is a pink haired girl from a small town of Ozette her age is originally 22 but she still retains the form of a 12 year old girl from the exsphere that is imbeded in her, Both Presea and Alicia were inducted into the exsphere program, Alicia turned into a monster and was killed by Regal and with their dad becoming ill and no money coming in Presea finally excepted the exsphere which made her have more strength but also took away her emotions because of not having a key crest to support the exsphere, the exsphere slowed her aging process and that is why she still retains the form of a young girl, the villagers of Ozette shun her from her not aging calling her a monster as well as leaving her father dead in their bed.

Presea being shown in the Tales of Symphonia OVA

Presea's main weapon of choice is basicly a giant axe used for powerful but slow melee and skill bassed attacks, Presea is by far the most powerful character in the game, able to use large and powerful blows then following up with a powerful skill is unmatched by any character but only in speed does she falter, later on in the game you might not be using Presea so much after becoming more acustom from using the same charcters you put in your party during the first half of the game, Presea (depending on what type of style you play can be one of the last characters that you use other then Colette after the first start of the game or Zelos) if someone is more attack bassed its easy to recommend having her in your party especially for the final fight able to perform power Beast type techniques or Devastation.

One axe, one giant monster

Presea during the first couple of hours when having her in the party dosen't really communicate with anyone around her, later once she has her key crest she starts becoming more active talking to more people, she also recognized that Genis liked her but only returned his feelings as a freind. Later on before she finds out what Regal had done they both create a bond before its seen that Regal had killed her sister.

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