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Setzer Gabbiani is a heavy gambler, and a talented gambler. His prowess at gambling has given him a wealthy fortune, and the attitude to accompany it. He is a womanizer, something characterized by his announcement that he wanted to abduct Maria, a world renowned opera singer during one of her performances. 
Celes Chere agrees to impersonate her in order to gain access to Setzer's airship.  After being captured by Setzer, Celes uses his gambling desire against him by betting the fate of the crew on a coin toss.  If Celes wins, Setzer will have to transport the group to the southern continent, where the Imperial capital lies.  In order to fool Setzer and guarantee success in the bet, Celes uses a 2 sided coin given to her by Edgar Roni Figaro.  Even though he was fooled, Setzer is amused by the trick and agrees to transport the group.

After the destruction of the world, the player finds Setzer hanging out in a bar in one of the cities.  Having lost his airship in a crash, he is virtually trapped in the city.  But after some convincing by the player, he decides to retrieve the Falcon from the grave of his old friend Daryl.  Originally designed by Daryl, the airship Falcon was a rival to Setzer's previous ship, the Blackjack.  But unfortunately, the Falcon crashed, taking with it the life of Daryl.  In honor of Daryl, Setzer reconstructs the Falcon, and leaves it in Daryl's grave, until it is retrieved and used by the player.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Setzer is the Struggle Champion of Twilight Town. There he is viewed as a celebrity by all the towns people. Roxas beats Setzer in the alternate Twilight Town that DiZ created, and in the real Twilight Town, Sora did the same. Setzer has almost none of his original abilities in the Kingdom Hearts Universe.



Setzer's special skill in game is called Slot, where three slots go back and forth and can activate a variety of attacks.  After equipping a special relic, Slot upgrades into GP Rain, where Setzer throws money at all enemies, and the damage is equal to the amount of money lost in the attack.  When in very low health, Setzer can perform a critical attack, known as Red Card, where he uses his attack 3 times in a row. 

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