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Twilight Town is a location seen in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.   It was briefly introduced in Kingdom Hearts:  Chain of Memories, in which Sora explored the memories of the other side of his heart.  The location was properly introduced in the early hours of Kingdom Hearts II while the player is in control of Roxas.

In Kingdom Hearts II
Roxas and his friends

Twilight Town is divided largely into two sections and is one of the largest worlds in the game.  The player visits the shopping district, residential district, the train station, and a sandlot used for community gatherings.
Kingdom Hearts II begins in this world with the introduction of the initial playable character, Roxas. He hangs out with the rest of his friends Hayner, Pence and Olette in an alleyway hideout near the shopping district dubbed "The Usual Spot."

Sora in Twilight Town

Later in the game, Sora visits Twilight Town and finds the location strangely familiar despite having never been there before; a residual effect of sharing Roxas's memories after the Nobody was merged back into him.

In 358/2 Days

Twilight Town is the setting for the game's opening missions as well as other missions that appear sporadically through the rest of the game. It is here that the games tutorial takes place as each member of the organization teaches Roxas how to fight.  After Axel's turn, Axel takes Roxas to the top of the clock tower in Twilight Town where they eat sea salt ice cream.  This activity quickly becomes a traditional after-mission activity for the pair.  They're later joined by Xion.
After leaving the Organization, Roxas returns to Twilight Town, not knowing where else to go, and has his final meeting with Xion there.

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