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A traditional die is a cube, and each side has a different number of dots called pips, arranged in such a manner that the total is easily recognizable without having to count the pips. Most dice are six-sided, while others can go up to 100.

The oldest known dice are thought to have been manufactured during the Jiroft civilization 5000 years ago.

It is thought that dice were originally made from the ankle bones of hoofed animals. Such dice are still used by Mongolians for games and fortune-telling.

Dice In Games

A die as seen in Fortune Street with Mario.

In the Mario Party franchise, there is a 10-sided version that is used on the gameboard called a Dice Block. When the player hits this object, it lets the player move up to 10 spaces instead of the usual 6 and it has various functions such as: deciding the turn order, collecting coins in various minigames and more. It also appeared in the Itadaki Street series as a regular die.

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