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Roll Wisely
The Dice Palace is a grueling stage from Gunstar Heroes with the majority of it playing out like a board game. Players move by throwing a die numbered one to three in order to reach Black, who has a mystical gem.
Each space is a different challenge the player must defeat. Most of them are bosses. A select few are timed obstacle courses and only three are item rooms where health pickups can be found. Blue spaces are considered an easy challenge, yellow is medium, and red is hard. The No Gun Space and The Way Back Space are sure to make players miserable with their special conditions.

The Dice Maze

  • Valvalion
    Space 1(Blue) is a boss fight against the snake-like Valvalion. It will try to crush the player with its body.
  • Space 2 (Green) is an item room with weapon and health pick-ups.
  • Space 3 (Yellow) is a boss fight against the time manipulating machine called Timeron. It drops bombs that explode and then reverses time so they explode again- only backwards.
  • Rush and Go!!! (Ver.1)
    Space 4 (Blue) is a timed challenge called Rush and Go!!! Players punch switches to move around colored walls to create openings. If they can reach the exit before time runs out they'll get a score bonus. If not, they get nothing.
  • Space 5 (Red) is a boss fight against the tiny Minion Soldier. He's the size of the villagers from the Ancient Ruins stage, but has the grappling abilities of Orange and several other attacks.
  • Space 6 (Blue) is a boss fight against the relatively harmless Melon Bread. This googly eyed creature has low health and one easily avoided attack.
  • Pit, Destroy Them All
    Space 7 (Blue) is a timed challenge where players must destroy a vehicle (similar to the Street Fighter Car Challenge).
  • Space 8 (Yellow) is a boss fight against four balls collectively known as Pit. They bounce around a moving paddle and only cause damage if they crush the player.
  • Space 9 (Yellow) is another Rush and Go!!! with a layout of a maze occupied by three enemy soldiers.
  • Vortex Base
    Space 10 (Green) is an item room with weapon and health pick-ups.
  • Space 11 (Red) is a boss fight against a single Phantom enemy.
  • Space 12 (Red) is a boss fight against a machine called Vortex Base. It has several colored spheres that flash to signify the path of a powerful laser beam.
  • Space 13 (No Gun) is a boss fight against a towering creature called Curry and Rice. Players are not allowed to use their gun and must fight hand-to-hand.
  • Abarenbou Gel
    Space 14 (Yellow) is a boss fight against an amoeba-like creature called Abarenbou Gel. It hops toward the player while dropping bombs with faces on them.
  • Space 15 (Red) is a boss fight against the Super Gondola. It's a series of turrets at the top of the screen that fire a variety of projectiles, lasers, and bombs.
  • Space 16 (Green) an item room with two weapon and two health pick-ups.
  • Space 17 (The Way Back) takes players back to the beginning of the board. However, it doesn't reset any cleared spaces.
  • Space 18 (Boss) is the final Dice Palace fight against Black and his Black Beat Stepper machine.

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