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Early Life, Military Career (150s- 189)

The information about Lu Bu's early childhood days are spotty at best. His birth date is relatively unknown, although we do know that he is born in then-Jiyuan County of  then-WuYuan Commandery (now modern now Inner Mongolia) and estimations point to him being born in around the mid 150s. What was known, however, was that he was quite strong, tall and athletic as a young child. In his early days, he also mastered archery, horse back riding and armed combat. This training would prove important for Lu Bu, as these skills would make him the strongest warrior in the battlefield at the end of the Han Dynasty.   
Lu Bu would then serve under Ding Yuan, who was the governor of the Bingzhou area as a Chief Secretary. It was believed that Lu Bu's prowess on the battlefield impressed the governor, therefore Ding took Lu into his office as a secretary, and also treating him as if he was a son. They would work together until 189, when Dong Zhuo, a warlord rising in the national government, came to visit Lu Bu and offered him many gifts, including the legendary quick-footed Red Hare. Overwhelmed by so many presents, Lu Bu agreed to kill Ding Yuan and defect to Dong Zhuo's side (which he did).   
Much following this is surrounded in mythology. Its said his ultimate betrayal of Dong Zhou was a result of falling in love with his concubine (unnamed in history, known in the Dynasty Warriors series as Diao Chan). He would ultimately meet his end in a final stand against Lie Bei's Shu empire where it is said he withstood the onslaught for days alone, until he was tired out and captured and ultimately executed.

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