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Lieu Bei is the leader of the Shu army, he has traveled the breadth of China and has seen the poverty and hungry that effects the peasants and the working families of China, and he has also seen the wealth and life-style of the few that have money and positions of power and he has sworn to put an end to it.  He met two men in his travels to raise up an army to deal with the injustice in the land;  Zhang Fei and Guan Yu.  After many discussions about politics and philosophies of life the three men became sworn brothers under blossoming cherry trees.  Guan Yu became Lieu Bei's chief advisor and Zhang Fei would become the commander of his armies.   Lieu Bei  met Guan Yu  and Zhang Fei during the yellow turban rebellion, a rebellion against the Han Dynasty were several heretic wizards banded together under Zhang Jiao, a self proclaimed prophet that would  topple the current caste system. 


Lieu Bei typically uses a single longsword with no significant decorations to it except for the hilt, which is a lion's head.  In the newest installment of the game, Dynasty Warriors 6, Lieu Bei dual wields two long swords in place of his standard one.

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