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Alistair is a warrior and one of youngest Grey Wardens recruited by Duncan less than six months before the darkspawn Blight began. He was brought up in Redcilffe Castle by Arl Eamon Guerrin after the death of his mother, Fiona. When he was five years old, Alistair was sent to the Chantry for religious instruction. While there, he received martial training to become a templar, the military order of the Chantry, dedicated to watching over the Circle of Magi and hunting down dangerous apostate mages.

Alistair, however, was ill suited to a life of religious devotion: He is irreverent at the best of times, often at odds with more serious minded teachers. When the Wardens found him, Alistair had not yet taken his vows and was desperately unhappy. Sensing a good and loyal heart, Duncan invoked the Right of Conscription to force the Chantry to release Alistair to the Grey Wardens. Alistair has not looked back. Upon joining the Wardens Alistair soon began to view Duncan as a father figure.



Alistair can be romanced by a female Warden and is the first party member available for romance. Alistair does not take relationships lightly and does not like being mocked by the Warden. If the Warden propositions Alistair he may turn down the Warden due to his inexperience with relationships. However, when Alistair's approval is high enough, he will join the Warden in her tent. Once the relationship deepens, Alistair will give the Warden a rose to show his affection and will teach the Templar specialization.

Becoming King

With the death of the King, Alistair has the possibility to take up a new role, becoming the king. Alistair was the bastard child of the first King Maric, and can therefore claim the throne. However much Alistair detested the Chantry life, the idea of becoming king disgusts him even more. Although he is willing to accept the role after convincing from the Warden. It is possible for a female Warden to serve as Alistair's Queen or the Warden can push him into marrying Queen Anora.

Surviving the Blight

It is revealed during the course of the story that the Grey Warden that deals the killing blow to the Archdemon, bringing an end to the blight, will die. The player's warden may either make the sacrifice, or allow Alistair the honor. The player is given the opportunity to avoid the fate of death for either warden, however, if he or she agrees to Morrigan's request to be impregnated by a Grey Warden; in return, she will perform a ritual that protects the slayer of the Archdemon from death. In the event that the player is playing as a female warden, she must convince Alistair to sleep with Morrigan despite the obvious disdain he holds for her.

Dragon Age II

Depending on what choices the Hero of Ferelden decided on during Dragon Age: Origins, Alistair may be encountered by Hawke either as the King, coming to check on the situation or as a depressed drunk, drowning his troubles with ale in the Hanged Man tavern.

Other Information

  • Alistair often dodges questions with sarcasm and occasionally blatant lies.
  • Alistair is voiced by Steve Valentine.

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