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A town that appears in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Redcliffe is on the western shores of Lake Calenhad. The castle was originally built as a strategic point between Orzammar and the rest of Ferelden when there was fear of a Dwarven invasion of Ferelden. As the settlement built up in the village the Arling of Redcliffe became a power to rival that of most bannorns.


Dragon Age: Origins

Connor, possessed by a demon and in control of Redcliffe

When Alistair and The Warden arrive in Redcliffe they discover the Arl, Eamon Guerrin, is sick and close to death and that it is under nightly attack by swathes of undead creatures; after defeating the hoardes they make their way to the castle with the help of Arl Eamon's brother, Bann Teagan, where they discover the attacks were caused by the Arl's son, Connor, who has been possessed by a desire demon. The Warden must decide between killing Connor to dispose of the demon, using blood magic to take the life of another in place of Connor's, or seeking aid from the mages in The Circle Tower.

Having healed Arl Eamon with Andraste's ashes from The Urn of Sacred Ashes and confronted Teyrn Loghain at The Landsmeet, the armies of the peoples of Ferelden amass at Redcliffe only to discover the main body of the Darkspawn hoarde are already on the march to Denerim.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

An enemy has laid siege to Redcliffe in an effort to capture it, The Inquisitor and his Inquisition must stop them.

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