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Oerba Yun Fang

Fang is a former resident of the Gran Pulse from the village of Oerba. Centuries before the beginning of Final Fantasy XIII, Fang and Vanille lost their family to the I'Cie and fal Cie during the War of Transgression between the Gran Pulse and Cocoon. Fang and Vanille became very close friends after meeting the the orphanage in Oerba. However, Fang held a deep grudge against Obera's fal Cie, Anima because it failed to protect the people of the Grand Pulse and decide to become a I'Cie so she could help protect Vanille and the Gran Pulse in the future. Both her and Vanille were given the power of Ragnorok to help fulfil their Focus so the could destroy the Cocoon but because Vanille was afraid of the power given to them, Fang decided to become Ragnorok on her own.

Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero- Promise

Fang attempted to destroy the Cocoon with Ragnorok, but it was not strong enough to do so. The goddess, Etro took pity on the people of Cocoon, so decided to crystallise both Fang and Vanille before they could reach their Focus. Fang and Vanille's frozen forms end up in the Pulse Vestige where they are suddenly awoken five-hundred years later. Fang has no memory of what happened with the Ragnorok or any of the past events and Vanille also claims that she too has lost her memory. Fang realizes that her I'Cie brand has been burned off, but Vanille's is still active. While in the Vestige, Fang and Vanille find Serah Farron, who has been transformed into a I'Cie, unconscious. Fang thinks that Anima is unhappy with her and Vanille and has chosen a new I'Cie to complete their Focus so they take Serah and watch over her until she awakens.

Fang awakening with no memories

Fang comes to the conclusion that their Focus must have something to do with them attacking Cocoon, so they head to the Euride Gorge to see the fal'Cie, Kujata and prepare to destroy it. However, just as they are about to do that Sazh Katzroy's son, Dajh appears and is branded a Sanctum I'Cie by Kujata and they are forced to retreat. Due to the branding, Sanctum troops attack the facility and Vanille says they should give up and forget their Focus but Fang reminds her that they need to do their job or else the fal'Cie will keep on making I'Cie out of innocent people. Fang make Vanille leave the Euride Gorge Plant alone while she deals with their pursuers and returns to Bodhum. When she arrives there, she is captured by the Calvary and brought aboard the Lindblum, where she meets Cid Raines. He tells her that there are two sides to the Sanctum army and that the Calvary is against PSICOM. Fang does not want to listen to him however as all of the people of Cocoon are enemies to her and tells him she does not have time to help. Fang meets Rygdea, who tells her that the Cavalry helped Fang escape from Euride and makes a deal with her to find Vanille. He later returns to the Lindblum without Vanille and Fang decides to stay on the Lindblum to avoid being captured by the army. Worried about Vanille, Fang revisits Vestige but is unable to find her. Fang retreat back to the Bodhum cafe and describes Vanille to the bartender there with no luck.

As Fang makes her way back to Lindblum, she hears and announcement that the PSICOM have found Anima in the Pulse Vestige and the Sanctum are ordering a Purge of everyone in the area. Knowing that Vanille will be one of the people taken on the trains, Fang forces Cid and Rygdea to help her rescue Vanille in exchange for her help in destroying the Sanctum.

Final Fantasy XIII

After Lightning, Vanille, Sazh Katzroy,Snow Villiers and Hope Estheim are cast down to Lake Bresha after being branded I'Cie, the confusion over their Focus causes the group to split up. When Fang arrives on the Lindblum she finds Snow protecting the crystallized form of his girlfriend, Serah and orders the Cavalry to capture him and take Serah with them. While aboard the ship, Raines tells Snow of the Sanctum's plan the execute that I'Cie and Fang explains that she is also looking to hunt down the I'Cie. The ship flies down to the Capital of Commerce where Fang helps Snow rescue Lighning and Hope from being attacked by the Sanctum. They team are forced to split up with Snow going with Hope and Fang with Lightning, though they can still remain in contact through wireless communication.

Meeting Snow Villiers

After stopping at hope's home in Felix Heights, Fang tells Lightning about her past with Vanille and that she is an I'Cie from Grand Pulse. She tells Lightning that she and Vanille were indirectly responsible for Serah becoming an I'Cie and says sorry only to receive a slap from Lightning. The two lose contact with Snow and Fang tells Lightning about the loss of her memory and Lightning asks Fang if she is willing to become a enemy of the Coccon of which she agrees to do so. Fang explains to Lightning that an I'Cie brand tells a person how much time they have left until they turn into Cie'th. As they are discussing this, PSICOM mechs fly across telling them that Snow and Hope must be in trouble. They manage to save Hope and Snow just in time and they decide to take refuge in Hope's home.

While they are there, the team are ambushed by PSICOM soldiers and Rygdea arrives with the Cavalry troops and saves them. The team board the Lindblum again where they learn that Vanille and Sazh are captured upon the Palamecia. The group sneak into the Sanctum airship to rescue prisoners, unaware that Vanille and Sazh are planning their escape. The group eventually come together and Fang and Vanille are reunited at last. Fang checks the progress of Vanille's brand and is relived to see that she still has some time left before she becomes a Cie'th. The party make their escape from the Palamecia after defeating the Sanctum Primarch, Galenth Dysley who reveals himself to be a fal'Cie.

After Galeth's defeat, the team finally learn what their Focus is- to destroy Cocoon by transforming into Ragnarok and defeating the fal'Cie that protects Coccon, Orphan. As the team are coming to terms with the task they must complete, Fang is troubled by Galeth aggravating her for forgetting what her Focus was. The team escapes using a airship left behind and make their way to Eden, but crash into the Fifth Ark. While in the Ark, their I'Cie powers fully awaoken and Raines reveals himself to be a Sanctum I'Cie. He attacks the party to stop them fulfilling the fal'Cie's plan to destroy Coccon and re-awaken The Maker, but is defeated and turned into a crystal.

Fang summoning Bahamut

The team are inspired by Raines sacrifice and intend on fighting their Focus, but Fang refuses to abandon hers and she turns on them. However, before she has a chance to strike, her brand glows and she summons her Eidolon, Bahamut. After this occurs, Fang decides to join the party on their cause to defy their Focus and the team travel to her and Vanille's homeland, the Grand Pulse. The airship that the team is travelling on gets damaged by a monster and Hope and Vanille get sucked out. To rescue them, Fang summons Bahamut in mid-air.

The team decide to travel to Oerba, the village where Fang and Vanille grew up to find some answers. On the way, Sazh forgives Fang for her part in what happened to his son Dajh and says it was his fault for not protecting him. While in the Flower- filled Fissure, Fang bluffs to Vanille that she remembers her Focus so that she can hoax a confession out of her. Due to this, Vanilles brand starts to glow and she summons her Eidolon and Fang realizes that Vanille had always remembered everything. However, Famg is not angry with her and she forgives Vanille for her transgression.

When they arrive in Oerba, Fang and Vanille are shocked to discover it in ruins and littered with Cie'th. While there, they come across Galenth again who reveals it was him who arranged for the Cocoon to be destroyed by tricking the Cavalry into attacking Orphan. They defeat him again for a second time and the team head for Eden to stop his plans. They party ambush the city and head for Orphan's Cradle and Orphan rises and relentlessly tortures Vanille in hopes of turning her into Ragnarok. Orphan explains that the world is over and that the only way to save it is to call back the Maker. Fang makes a promise to Orphan to become Ragnarok to end it all and threatens to put Vanille out of her misery if it means that the others are protected. The team stop her from doing this and everyone suddenly turn into Cie'th and Fang is attacked.

Fang and Vanille turned into crystal

However, Fang's brand becomes active again and she transforms into a incomplete form of Ragnarok and manages to break the protective barrier around the fal'Cie before turning back to a human. Orphan tries to force Fang to turn back into Ragnarok to finish the job and tortures her. Fang tells Vanille to run, but she refuses and decides to submit to Orphan's demands. Just before she could, the fal'Cie explodes and the party overcome the illusion of being turned into Cie'th. Together they defeat the Orphan once and for all and resolve to save Coccon and not destroy it. To save Cocoon, Fang and Vanille sacrifice themselves by becoming Ragnarok together and they turn into crystal.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Fang and Vanille appearing before Serah in FFXII-2.

Fang appears to Serah as a illusion along with Vanille. They both help free Serah from a endless dream after she becomes trapped in the Void Beyond by Caius Ballad. They both disappear after freeing Serah but in one of the endings, it is discovered that Fang and Vanille's crystallized forms are found and removed from the pillar just before Cocoon crashes into Pulse.

Personality and History

Tetsuya Nomura describes that when compared to other characters Fang is 'stronger than Lightning and more stubborn than Snow'. Fang is shown to have a wild fearlessness to her as she never backs down from a fight no matter who or what the opponent. She has a strong belief in Lady Luck and makes many references to it. Fang is also shown to have a caring and compassionate side, especially towards Vanille. Fang and Vanille have accents and clothing style that greatly differ from those of Cocoon. As they originate from Gran Pulse. Fang, along with Vanille are part of the Oerba clan. Their home is on Gran Pulse, the place Cocoon residents refer to as "hell".

Abilities and Equipment

Kain's Lance and Highwind Jump Ability Reference

Kain Highwind is a Dragoon from Final Fantasy IV - his signature ability was his Jump Attack. In Final Fantasy XIII, Fang's ultimate ability is named Highwind and it is very similar to the Jump Attack. Her weapon's ultimate form is Kain's Lance which doesn't look like the lance like Kain wields in Final Fantasy IV, but references him through the context and description. Fang also takes down a dragon with the help of Vanille at one part of the game and her Eidolon is Bahamut, a powerful dragon.

Fang wields a double- bladed spear that can transform into a sansetsukon during battle. Her summon is Bahamut which has many strong physical attacks as well as non-elemental attacks. Fang is also a powerful Commando and possesses strong physical attacks and element strikes.

Other Information

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